But firstly, If you want to get in on the fun this Halloween, rather than simply attending an event, why not consider holding your own?

So, whether it’s in aid of your charity, organisation or to boost your own bank balance, organising a spooky event is a great way to generate some extra funds. Give your guests an event that they would surely not forget.

Here are some ideas for events, both big and small, that you could plan on the scariest day of the year…

  • Ghost tour

Every town has its share of ghostly stories and tales of strange happenings. As a matter of fact, research yours and put together a guided tour. You could increase the appeal by incorporating stops at some haunted pubs.

  • Ghost hunt

Rather than simply telling tales of the spirits, give attendees the chance to make contact with them by hosting a ghost hunt. You’ll need the use of a reputedly haunted venue and an experienced spiritualist for this. Make it more fun by adding a spooky playlist.

  • Murder mystery dinner

Murder mystery dinners are always popular, but especially at Halloween. Encourage guests to come in fancy dress and treat them to an evening of great food and crime solving. You can buy a ready-made party kit with story-line and script or have fun writing your own.

  • Monsters or Halloween Ball

Hold a themed party night, where guests must come in Halloween dress to gain entry. Alternatively, you could opt for straight up clubbing. Events like this combine dressing up, a DJ, and a dance floor. Trust your Melbourne DJ Playlist for a great night.