The Perfect Wedding Music

Have you ever entered a party when there was no music playing? Isn’t it awkward!? Few things impact an event more than music, yet many couples don’t think much beyond selecting music for important moments like their grand entrance and first dance when preparing their wedding music. Of course, nothing is wrong with choosing the proper tunes for certain occasions, but it’s what’s playing the rest of the time that will influence your guests’ experience, so it’s worth considering! A skilled DJ will be able to customise the Perfect Wedding Music Melbourne for you, so it’s worth asking them how they customise their service before deciding who to employ. Likewise, your musicians should be able to fill in the spaces to make it sound perfect, whether you provide recommendations for a genre or ‘vibe’ you’re striving for or specific songs. Here are recommendations to help you choose the perfect wedding music.

The Perfect Wedding Music Melbourne

  • Create a Spectacular Atmosphere
    You’ve probably thought about the visual environment you want to create. The music you’re listening to will significantly impact the atmosphere you want to make, so it’s worth figuring it out.
    Country or acoustic music, in general, goes nicely with a rustic wedding. However, vintage and modern jazz offer just the perfect sophistication to a more formal atmosphere.
    However, the music does not have to be restricted to a single genre throughout the evening! Breaking up your wedding music into four sections (ceremony, drinks, dinner, and after dinner) might assist. Each stage serves a distinct purpose; for example, the ceremony music sets the mood for a romantic and personal occasion. Cocktail music will entice your guests to arrive at your reception and make them enthusiastic about partying all night. Dinner music can be a little quieter to allow for the talks that will take place around the table. You’ll be reviving the atmosphere after dinner to get everyone ready to dance as soon as possible!


  • Follow Your Heart
    Setting the mood is vital, but you are the most important person at your wedding! You and your spouse are the cause of this celebration, so don’t be afraid to inject some individuality into your wedding!
    Whatever music you and your spouse enjoy, there is always a way to incorporate it. For example, a talented DJ might mix even genres of music that aren’t traditionally associated with weddings.
    People will typically only get out of their chairs to dance to music they are acquainted with. Therefore if you want to play the songs that most people will not be familiar with, drinks, dinner, and after dinner are the best places to do it.


  • Tell About Your Experience
    Including music in your wedding playlist that contains personal memories or importance for you and your partner may be incredibly significant. Do you have a favourite film, television program, or musical? Find a few songs from it that would be appropriate for your wedding. The same is true for concerts you’ve seen together and songs about areas you’ve both visited. On a day dedicated to your love story, the music that has played a part in it is the ideal soundtrack.


  • Give your guests enjoyment
    Let’s go on to the most exciting part of the evening: the dance floor! Individuals only get out of their chairs to dance to music they are familiar with. Keeping this in mind, attempt to tailor your dance floor music to what will get your guests up and dancing. Play the music your guests desire to hear if you want a fantastic dance party.


Consider the music your friends and family dance to at past weddings you’ve attended or at a nightclub. They’ll likely be dancing to the same genres and songs at your wedding. Most dances begin with more of the older audience on the dance floor while the younger crowd is in the bar, so start the night with some all-ages dance floor favourites. Then, when your younger friends have moved from the bar to the dance floor, you may turn up the volume on the music that will get the celebration started.

Finally, something about nostalgia makes for a fantastic dance party. No, you don’t have to perform throwbacks all night. Instead, list the songs that bring back memories for your friends and family, and tell your DJ about them. It will assist them in selecting more music that they know your visitors would enjoy. During cocktails and supper, you may also sneak in some nostalgic music. That song you and your best friend listened to over and again on your last road trip? When she hears it playing during dinner, you know she’ll look across at you and grin. Excellent wedding music and new memories with your loved ones on your special day!

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The Perfect Wedding Music