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Finding the perfect dressmaker for your wedding gown is not easy. As a matter of fact, it is an emotional and expectation filled process. Find the dressmaker that would definitely connect with you and listen to what you want as well as giving suggestions to help you. Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations will guide you through that process. 

A wedding dress is the clothing worn by brides at her wedding, typically long and white. It also symbolizes untouchable purity and regal perfection. The color and style of the gown depends on the religion, culture and customs of the wedding participants. Also, the style of the wedding dress often depends upon the personality of the bride.

There are a lot of wedding gown ideas that can be browse in the Internet and magazines. With the right dressmaker, you could achieve your own dream wedding gown.

Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations

I have worked with Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations on several photo shoots. The creativity of the dressmaker is absolutely amazing.

Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations specializes in bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses or any other formal occasions. They have been in the dressmaking business for over 20 years.

The owner, Nola, is approachable, friendly and understanding towards her clients. She makes sure that she gets 100% satisfaction from brides and clients. 

Because of her talent in perfecting any dress or gown, Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations is the perfect dressmaker that could customize any dress you had in mind. Her reviews of satisfied customers will assure you that she is one of the best dressmakers there is in Melbourne.

If you want to view the stunning wedding gowns and dress that Thafni’s made, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages and be inspired with her dressmaking talent.

Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations Thafni’s Dressmaking / Alterations

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