Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne – The Importance of DJ Lighting And Effects

Who doesn’t love parties? There are lots of parties and events people love going to. Listening and dancing to music are the most entertaining part of the event. That much is true. But music is not just the foundation for a successful party. If you notice the different DJ lighting equipment associated with the music you are dancing to, you will notice that each DJ has different amazing set-up for the party. It varies in different occasions too like weddings or any other formal events as well as clubs or other private gatherings. Always consider this when looking for a Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne.

DJ disco lights are the key to a stunning setup. Professional and experienced DJs use amazing and appropriate lighting that could make the party going. Lighting definitely has an effect for various events. A good DJ knows this. They will make sure that the lighting is appropriate for the scene like romantic first dance to create a dramatic effect.

DJ lightings can be use in many ways.

They can create a gorgeous ambiance that could make your guests satisfied, engaged and ready to hit the dance floor. Good lighting sets up the mood and theme for your party. They are as important as any other decorations on your wedding. Lighting is the ultimate factor that will make the atmosphere lively and beyond expectations. It can create a powerful impact on the overall look of your event. It also give opportunities for photographers to take amazing pictures as part of your wedding memories with various DJ lightings.

People hire entertainers to get the best possible service.

Having a Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne as part of your entertainment is possibly the right decision to entertain your guests and keep them engaged. Hiring a DJ that knows how to play music and throws good lighting in the mix will make the party an unforgettable and enjoyable event for you and your guests. Music is not the only thing a professional DJ must be good at, having your DJ offers various lighting and effects is also a must in every wedding or any other parties or occasions.

It is also important if your chosen Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne offers different effects aside from DJ lightings. Different DJs offers different special effects.

Dancing On A Cloud Effect

One amazing special effect a DJ can offer is the Dry Ice Effect. It creates a romantic vibe and it is popularly known ‘Dancing On A Cloud’ because of the amazing cloud effect it offers. This DJ effect set-up is getting popular because of its stunning picturesque shot taken in cameras.

DJs have a wide variety of lighting and effects, some offer more in their package while others offer less. Having to choose from different Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne might be a little bit confusing. But hopefully DJ Matt will help you make that decision. Matt Jefferies Entertainment is one of the best Wedding DJ in Melbourne. He will make sure that you will be completely satisfied if you decide to hire him as your Wedding DJ. Here are some of DJ Matt’s lighting and effects available for your wedding or any other events.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment offers the following:

  • Two Totems. Each consist of 4 x poles, 1x white cover, 1x moving head light and 1x uplight inside.

Couples and guests love these lightings. These are one of client’s favorites. They give amazing set up that is totally worth it to look at.

  • Totems with moving heads.

Great dance floor lights up on glowing totems. These are great for dancing in which it will create the ambiance that will keep your guests motivated to dance and enjoy the party.

  • Freedom Sticks

These are great for putting at the four corners of the dance floor. They look amazingly stunning for your wedding decor set-up. The patterns can be change to suit any wedding from just one color during the meals and fun patterns during dancing time.

  • Mood lighting

Mood lighting is also known as up lighting. Dj Matt currently have 10 up lights which he use to light up the walls of your reception room. Mood lighting can be use to create a romantic and warm feel (great for outdoor marquee tents where it is cold), a party feel (Dj Matt changes the lighting when it is time to dance) or can just be set to your favorite wedding color. All his mood lighting are wireless and battery operated so there is no risk of someone tripping over a cord which is a very important factor especially when its time to dance.

  • Dry Ice Effect

Dry ice effect is also known as ‘Dancing on a Cloud’. The machine is filled up with water and boiled to make it hot about 80 mins before usage. Once it is time to do the first dance, dry ice is put into the basket and lower down to create the cloud effect. It definitely creates glamour and style in your wedding. This effect is perfect for dancing or grand entrances. It creates the WOW factor that couples and guests get amaze at. They are perfect for photos too as they create a breathtaking scenery. It also makes your wedding magical and unforgettable with this special effect.

  • Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne

Matt Jefferies Entertainment now offers the latest photo booth technology. Check out Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne website for information.

All Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne offers different approach when it comes to various parties and events.

Different lighting and effects are being offer in packages for wedding couples. Make sure that your hired DJ is professional and also well-experienced when it comes to using different kinds of lighting and effects.

A good DJ keeps the party going with his or her collection of songs.

A better DJ knows how to mix lights to create a fantastic ambiance for wedding couples and guests.

The BEST DJ combines these factors together with his or her pleasing personality and will make sure that you will have the best day of your lives.

Let Matt Jefferies Entertainment take care of your wedding entertainment and be the BEST Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne you could have possibly imagine for your amazing day.

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Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne

Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne

Wedding DJ Hire Style Melbourne

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