Wedding DJ Melbournes Tips On Planning A Memorable Day

Wedding DJ Melbourne – Tips on Planning a Memorable Day

This probably occurred to all that people got so hooked with an event or even a person that even after so many years, there is a vivid recall – the first time one watched his or her favourite international artist play in one’s country; just to chance upon the “illest” front seat months of savings and scrimping on a budget just to hear and watch the string of hit songs. The sights and sounds still linger as that has been the first true live experience as an audience. Book your wedding dj Melbournes tips by clicking here

Or what about falling in love? The whiff of one’s lover’s perfume -warm, woody and musky; even the slightest sound of footsteps, the chest toned rhythm of his voice and his quirky way of flipping pancakes.

When a person and or a life event seems to leave an imprint on people, it only proves that there must have been something good in them that they remain ingrained in the memory.

People in the advertising world, entertainers and events companies surely spend so many resources and time brainstorming and pooling together the most brilliant ideas out there to create events that people would be gushing about to their friends and then look forward to the next.

So what about that upcoming event? Is there a coveted formula to make it work? Even make it unforgettable? Yes, follow-through:

 Be ahead of time. Nothing surpasses planning months before the event proper; It is not like the event is tomorrow, and then preparation is done a day before that will earn the event host a ticket to anticipated doomsday. Devote one’s time listing down on a date book important meetings with caterers, events stylists, transport providers, venue managers etc. See to it that on a prescribed date of appointment with them be on time and be specific with the needs for the event. Visit the venue for the event learns about the acoustics, the sound system. If you have a DJ, are there any rig or deck for him? What are the other amenities they could provide? Set dates for food tasting, dress rehearsals, look test and all the things that should be done prior to the big day.

 Online Registry for events. Especially for weddings and corporate events, it saves time and gives an idea of how many people shall be in attendance. On their end, the event host can update and follow up with everyone on the developments before the event.

 Don’t be complacent with safety from any risks and priority on rigid sanitation. Yes, the event might be worthy of a slot in the newspapers but are the attendants safe? Make no mistake with the safety measures of the place -nothing combustible or explosive shall burn the house down. And of course, in this day & age where an unseen adversary – viruses are always an impending threat to the health of people, double-check or even triple check facility and procedure for hygiene, cleanliness, and safety protocols for the attendees.

 Create a buzz by exploring the stuff that entices the senses. Just think of it this way, watching in the cinema with the usual popcorn and the humongous screen, nothing is ever new to anyone. But if there is an IMAX cinema, who would not be more attuned to watch the latest action-packed and thrill-filled horror, sci-fi movie if literally, one wants to run off when a zombie tries to get a piece of you and snatch the life out of you like it is for real? Excite the senses by establishing a certain feeling of warmth, excitement, bliss, fun and drama. Fill the nostrils with scents of seasonal blooms and or the delectable aroma of cookies coffee. Allure the eyes with never before seen event styling or invite personalities, entertainers that draw the crowd. Let the attendees feel they are there not only to attend the event but also they are in for a treat.

 Get them all engaged. People would be looking for a “wow factor”, and that is what one must be working on too. If it is possible that it is a corporate event, for instance, or even an affair like a wedding it would not hurt to candidly ask or survey thoughts on what makes them moving, partying all night. If it is a particular band, ready one’s budget, have an appointment with them and when the deal is sealed, ready the contract for the booking and or hiring of their services. This also goes to other entertainers and event vendors out there like photo booth providers, effects technicians, dancers, magicians, caricaturists etc.

 Include interaction. Boredom sets in when everything seems predictable, and guests do not move around so much. Have someone served drinks that are decked on the server’s outfit – a petticoat that has slots for individual drinks that attendees could just get for their own liking. A photo booth that guests could easily have their photos printed sent online, or drawn as part of a photo mosaic. DJ services that could bring everyone to dance or a performance act that literally needs audience participation. Or even a do it your self burger station or an area for doughnuts, but the guests could customize, glaze and put on anything they want on it. A booze station where live mixing is done but with a twist, the guest shall have a try on it. Games that could put people upon their toes, especially if it is an outdoors event.

 Well, put together a menu. Not only that attendees should be brimming to the full when it comes to having a sensational experience, the food, therefore, must also be fresh, healthy, filling and scrumptious.

 Let them bring home something. Never forget to toss in creativity, have souvenirs and keepsakes handy for guests to take with them, something to brag about and show people they have been in your event. Nail it, and own it! Cheers in advance to a memorable event that you’ll be hosting soon!

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