Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring – Wedding Ring Melbourne

As the saying goes, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. May it be Wedding Ring Melbourne or the much awaited Engagement Ring. With that said, with all the diamond shapes and sizes going around, not to mention the element of surprise that goes along with it, what are the tips on how to get the perfect engagement ring for your bride to be?

First and foremost is to check their ring size.

You have the moment, you have the perfect venue for your proposal but then it turned out that you miscalculated the ring size. Although it is not a real problem because you can always go to the jeweler to resize the said ring but it would still be perfect and mind-blowing if you got the perfect size, am I right?

The best way on how to get her size is to take a ring from her jewellery collection and take it to the jeweller. But what if she doesn’t own a ring? You can always ask help from her friends and family. I bet they would be willing to help you with your current situation. If none of this works, then I would suggest to print out a ring sizer in the Internet and use it to her while she sleeps. She would be ecstatic to know that you went all of that trouble just to surprise her.

Secondly is the design.

There are a lot of designs swirling around in the Internet but you ask yourself, what is the best Wedding Ring Melbourne design for your perfect girl? There are modern designs like halo of diamonds surrounding the stone, or there are vintage designs that resemble that of your grandmother’s collection. Also, there are solitaire rings and infinity design band rings. To be honest, every single design is perfect in a way. Again, you can always ask for help with her friends so that they could subtly ask for you with regards to your girl’s preferred engagement ring. This always works. And she would love it if you got her dream ring.

Lastly and the most crucial part is choosing the right diamond stone.

One thing to ask when choosing one is the certificate of the stone. GIA Certificate Diamonds are recognized worldwide. It would be best if the diamond that you choose were certified by GIA. Same goes on choosing your Wedding Ring Melbourne.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, there are also different companies that certify diamonds. But remember, you want to choose the perfect one for your perfect girl, right? There are a lot of shapes and carat weight to choose from. One of the popular ones are the Round cut Diamonds. They are the most expensive ones. There are also different cuts that are much bigger looking than round cut if your girl prefers a larger stone. Oval, Cushion, Emerald, Pear and Radiant Cut Diamond are gaining their popularity because of their sizes. They are much more cheaper than Round cut Diamonds in terms of carat weight.

In addition to that, Hollywood Celebrities preferred this kind of diamond cut stones too. When you have the chance to talk to your jeweller, you can always negotiate your budget with them in finding a stone and they would be willing to help you in any way. Other jewelers do custom-made ring just for you. You can always check online.

After you bought her the perfect ring, the next thing to plan is your surprise proposal. With the perfect ring, the perfect surprise and the love that you will offer her for the rest of your lives; she would surely be saying ‘YES!’

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