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Best Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne: The Magic of Mirror Photo Booths and Celebrities

With tech-savvy people in today’s society, the best mirror photo booth Melbourne has become one of the most popular photo booths around, creating fun and excitement with a touch of style to every event. These magic mirror photo booths are a way for your friends/family/guests to capture all the special moments while entertaining them at the same time. Mirror photo booths have become popular with celebrities, who use and love them at all kinds of events, making them wanted more and more for their celebrations.

The Magic of Mirror Photo Booths

Mirror photo booths are known also as magic mirrors or selfie mirrors photo booths and are super cool and creative options to the traditional style of booth. The mirror booth has a large interactive mirror with a built-in camera and a touch screen interface. The idea of this style of photo booth is to give the user a fun experience, while allowing guest to take high-quality pictures, and even add digital props to the final photo. Our mirror photo booths from Matt Jefferies Entertainment come with the option to pick between a colour photo or a black and white photo to take home and stick on the fridge or in the office.

Celebrities Love Our Magic Mirrors

Our magic mirrors have become a must-have at celebrity events and product launches with celebrity guests. Celebrities love taking photos and sharing they with friends, family and fans, and our magic mirrors provide the perfect opportunity to do that. Our magic mirrors are very interactive and send you a SMS text message with your photo, which you can instantly share to Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform make it more desired among celebrities. . The magic mirror means any celebrity can keep their fans up to date with events they are doing creating hype and excitement. When a celebrity adds one of our magic mirrors to their event it creates excitement for everyone involved. Celebrities use our mirrors for red carpet movie premiers, parties, product launches, in-store promotions, weddings and just about any event you can imagine.

Mirror Photo Booths: A Celebrity Experience

The mirror photo booth can be customized to fit any theme or event. With frame styling options from our gold frame, our black frame to our rustic frame or our led lights on our mirror air photo booth, there is an option to fit any celebrity event. We can also custom create the photo layout with pictures, choice of colours, names, dates, logos and more Want your logo with event theme colours matched. No worries! With options like photo booth props, colour or black and white photos, e -mail or SMS photo features, we will make sure every celebrity captures their memories making it an experience to remember.

The Influence on Social Media

Magic mirror booth is the photo booth that amazes celebrities with there wow-factor, but also makes sure to capture the memories and have them social media ready.. When a celebrity shares pictures from a mirror photo booth, their followers and fans notice that eye-catching pictures taken by our mirror and then uploaded for the world to see. This generates hype and excitement around the party or event, leading to increased engagement by their followers or fans. Fans are also more likely to share these pictures, with the more shares and views, the more the celebrities post can be seen by a wider audience.

Magic mirror booths have taken the event industry by storm, amazing guests from all walks of life, including celebrities. With their interactive features and beautiful appeal, these photo booths have become a must-have for any type of celebrity events. As mirror photo booth software improves and gets more advanced with what it can do, they will remain a feature at weddings, parties and events for years and years to come.

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best mirror photo booth melbourne