DJ Hire Yarra Valley – Rebecca and Ryan’s Wedding at Vue on Halcyon

DJ Hire Yarra Valley – Matt Jefferies Entertainment

Idyllic and pleasant Vue on Halcyon Weddings are a league of their own and we do not just have a peek but a throttle in one of those. Gladly and joyful we are part of it even! Rebecca and Ryan’s Wedding highlight was the amazing venue and surpassing good entertainment,  Dry Ice Effect and Mirror Photo Booth.

Sparks fly at Vue on Halcyon as the enchanting ceremony happened at 4:30pm at the winery view for the couple and guests.

DJ Hire Yarra Valley

The party and the reception went about around 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm in the evening with the DJ MC services provided by DJ Matt. Everyone was in high energy with the entrance of the couple Rebecca and Ryan through the chirpy collaboration of Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris’s I found you. The feel good song Queen’s You’re my Best friend reigned supreme throughout the traditional cake cutting.

Though it was quite amiss for the Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances, the program still managed to dazzle as the couple had their first dance midst the ethereal Dry Ice Effect and Paramore’s The Only Exception.

DJ Hire Yarra Valley

After the Bouquet Toss, wrapping up everything was just as fancy with the hits of Vance Joy – Mess is Mine and I’m with You as everyone was in a prodigious farewell circle. The couple kissed and hugged everyone goodbye with the other latter song being played. Everything was spinning into a sweet finale that would ring clear in Rebecca and Ryan’s memory lane over and over again.