Dry Ice Dances – Dancing On A Cloud

Dry Ice Dances

Dry Ice Dances are one of the newest trends to hit the bridal dance floor!  This is also known as the “Dancing on a Cloud” effect, and is one of Matt’s increasingly popular package requests.  A stunning way to introduce the new couple – and a great Bridal Waltz idea that will give your guests a memorable dance floor moment!

Your cloud is created using a dry ice machine, producing a thick, white dry ice fog.  Being dry ice, your fluffy cloud stays low to the ground – perfect for stunning photos and video of your first dance as a married couple.  You can feel confident that your beautiful dance and dress will be visible, and that you and your guests won’t be encased in fog.  The dry ice eventually evaporates, leaving no residue or smell, or set off the venue’s smoke detectors!

As your Wedding DJ and MC, Matt can incorporate this amazing effect into your wedding entertainment programme.  And as he is organiser, co-ordinator and entertainer all rolled into one, your first dance can run smoothly and flow with as much grace as your dance!

Let your first wedding dance tell a modern fairy-tale story on your big day – ask Matt about including the “Dancing on a Cloud” effect in your entertainment package.

Dry Ice Dances
Dry Ice Dances
Dry Ice Dances Melbourne
Dry Ice Melbourne