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Makeup artist Yarra Valley tips and Bridal hair ideas The Bride, as they say, is the “Belle of the Ball”, and since the wedding day is her day, nothing and no one truly shines more than her during this day. Television shows are growing fond of catering to any preparations that has something to do with the bride -from sponsoring winning entries for forthcoming weddings that need overall styling to the best wedding dresses and to the makeovers.

But the makeup and the hair is always the choice of the bride because she knows exactly what would look good on her. What about those who are newbies in terms of makeup application and hairstyling. Those brides need a beauty SOS asap and more than that, of course, before the wedding appointments should be made soon.

More than ever, there are tutorials on various social media sites, and once would grab the latest fashion magazine, there are pegs to follow.

Furthermore, a lot of brides, because of certain happenstances these days also try to be practical by mixing ideas which are fabulous but economical too.

Here are some makeup tips and ideas for bridal hair that are easy on the budget and also commendable for brides to be:


1. Highlight the assets and improve on other features- always prep the brows as they frame the whole face; keep them clean; however, when they are thick and bushy, see to it that they still are groomed and on point. If the eyes are the best feature of the face, minimal eyeshadow perhaps is needed. If the lips are plump enough, there is no need for much shimmer on the Cupid’s Bow and get easy on the lip gloss or lip plumper.

2. Let the natural beauty shine through- use minimal contouring if needed and just a few dabs on the highlighter. Let those freckles and dimples still be visible. Too much foundation and concealer, when not blended well, tend to crease and become “cakey” use light formulations that is just enough to cover imperfections. Clean, prime the face just like in painting make up is also good when the canvas is clear and prepped up for makeup.

3. Before following the trends, see to it that the makeup is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic- no matter how flashy or “current” the makeup style is, it is still important that the products to be applied would not have adverse effects on the skin and would not lead to breakouts.

4. Shimmer and shine – There is a difference between oily and dewy; know that the first one is born out of excessive sebum and does not look good or hygienic. But with the latter, it is a result of good skin care that is why healthily luminous makeup is nicer to apply. But when skin is not as dewy, one can fake the glow with serums or highlighters like on the apples of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and or if one wants an illusion of big lips. But for brides who are advanced in years, ask for a professional makeup artist for the proper use of the shimmery stuff because they might do okay with others, but not necessarily to all as they might settle on the fine lines of the face.

5. Think of the time of the day – if the event is during the night, there is a reason perhaps to sharpen the makeup a bit to make it visible or when the light bounces onto the face of the bride. But if it is a daytime event, soft pastel colours, earth tones that do not look so fierce that it conceals the “true” face of the bride.

6. Have a look test -though one likes makeup she has seen from social media or in the magazines, not everything seems to fit everyone all the time. It pays that one tries with professional makeup artists what looks are appealing and flattering for a bride.

Bridal Hair…

1. Clean it up and have a haircut if one needs to – traditional brides want their hair long, but these days, some sport a lob, bob and or a pixie. But whatever the hairstyle is, nothing beats a clean scalp and washed hair (but in case someone wants to wear curls, they wash theirs the day before).To keep it healthy, they either have a trim or “dusting.” This means having trimmed only an inch or two inches of the hair just to remove the dry ends.

2. Less embellishment – some brides like it that they let their hair down, straight and silky.

3. Au Natural – some women like their natural curls or even wavy and less on the styling agents.

4. Rhinestones and studs -other brides that are a fan of shimmery makeup pair this up with something sparkly on their hair too.

5. All the love for braids- those that are coiffed like a headband, half-up, fishtail, the bubble is not as complicated and not as pricey to do too.

6. Updo, low bun and sleek chignon – these are “classics” in bridal hair, but they are easy to do as always.

7. More curls – be it big and bouncy, just wavy or mermaid-like they are as sophisticated. Not because it was suggested or what is here and now, but most importantly, whatever style to cop, comfort and personality must be the prime bases for it. One that makes a bride glow up from inside and out.

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