Melbourne Birthday Party Tips

Melbourne Birthday Party Tips

We have a lot of birthdays throughout our life. While every birthday is a time to celebrate with friends and family, some deserve a little more flair than others. We’re talking about significant birthdays — the big ones. Birthdays for which you know you have to do something extra special. If you enjoy throwing parties, you may want to throw a Melbourne milestone birthday celebration for yourself or someone else. There are a lot of milestones that deserve more than a slice of grocery store cake and a tone-deaf version of the birthday song—double-digit birthdays to 21st parties to 40th parties and beyond (and everything in between). If you’re organising a particular milestone birthday party, these suggestions might help you turn an ordinary gathering into a memorable occasion.

Double digits
For children, reaching ten is a significant milestone. Something is thrilling about seeing two digits instead of one! Make it all about the number 10, then. Make ten cupcakes, ten balloons, or pancakes in the shape of the number 10, or incorporate the number 10 into the décor in as many languages as possible.

Thirteenth birthday
Your child has reached the age of puberty! This is a unique birthday because, while 13-year-olds are still children, they simultaneously desire to feel like adults. So make a night of it by decorating the room and watching movies in a hotel room. Perhaps a pool party that you arrange together. Maybe a camping night in the backyard, complete with a fire and s’mores.

Sixteenth birthday
Host the sugariest birthday party ever to put the sweet in sweet sixteen. Place candy bowls as place settings. Organise an ice cream gathering or a cookie decorating event. Have car-themed decorations if the honoured guest will be receiving their driver’s licence shortly. Of course, you’d always planned to recycle that old Barbie/Hot Wheels vehicle.

Eighteenth birthday
Adulthood is a significant birthday celebration. When planning this one, keep the mature concept in mind. That may entail party goodies like lottery tickets (or at least fake ones) or going to register to vote and then celebrating afterwards. Set up mocktails and a guestbook where guests may offer advice on how to be an adult.

Twenty-first birthday
21 is a vast, considerable age for those ready to visit the bars. What’s more, guess what? Even if you’re organising a 21st birthday party for your child, the occasion may be surprisingly family-friendly. Choose decorations with an alcohol theme (we love these beer pong cupcakes). Create a photo booth using balloons and a fancy champagne bottle as a prop. Distribute funny party gifts, such as novelty shot glasses. Fill empty alcohol bottles with rhinestones and paint and use them as vases for the table’s centrepiece. Your new 21-year-old will most likely want to go out with their buddies to a bar. However, you can always party at home.

30th birthday
Because so many people dread reaching 30 (it’s the end of their twenties! ), make this celebration a throwback to their youth. We’re talking unicorn pool floats, pinatas, face painting, sweets, and perhaps a bouncy castle or, at the very least, a trampoline. A going-out-of-your-twenties-in-style party is another way to mark the end of an era. What better way to do so than by throwing a 1920s-themed party complete with party DJ music, gold décor, and flapper-inspired attire?

40th birthday
Make this gathering a celebration of the honoree’s life thus far by allotting plenty of time for toasts. If it’s summer, have a BBQ, or if it’s chilly, consider an inside gathering with live entertainment.

50th birthday
Make this special occasion a throwback by paying homage to the 1950s. Put on a Buddy Holly soundtrack, and dress in poodle skirts and leather jackets for photographs. A Fabulous Fifty celebration is another choice for this milestone birthday party. Consider gold, glitter, black-and-white photo booth, and “Old Hollywood” attire for this one.

60th birthday (and beyond)
The party should get more and more memorable with each decade. Celebrate the birthday boy or girl’s life by connecting with family and friends on these significant occasions. Personalise your décor with images, texts, and slideshows. These momentous birthdays may be both private and meaningful.

Melbourne Birthday Party Tips For A Memorable Melbourne Milestone Birthday Celebration

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Melbourne Birthday Party Tips