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Melbourne DJ Wedding

When you plan your event, and all the wonderful details, entertaining your guests is one of the top priorities.  You know your guests, and know what will get them up and moving!

That’s where an intuitive Wedding DJ and expert in entertainment comes into play.  Someone who listens to you in the planning stages, gets to know you and understand your guests, and his audience.

You might want a night filled with your preferred music from start to finish, a night where the dance floor is crowded and pumping.  Perhaps your event is better suited to some dancing tunes, but also some more relaxed periods so your guests move around and interact.  Or you might prefer a bit of everything, with some fun and games thrown in to spice things up!  Everyone is different – and that means every guest in the room has their own take on what is entertaining.

Matt is a master at taking guest interaction to the next level.  You’ll often find him dancing along with your guests, or distributing props to liven up the party.  Don’t be surprised to find your guests rocking the dance floor with inflatable guitars, and creating conga lines with a selection of percussion instruments. If there is fun to be had, Matt will make sure it happens!

Whether your guests are all from a similar flock when it comes to fun, or the audience is varied, Matt will customise your entertainment package to suit.  If you’re not sure how the evening needs to flow, you can trust Matt to use his finely-tuned crowd-reading skills – and connect with your guests with everything from music to interactive games!