Melbourne Wedding Planning: Managing Your Wedding Budget

Melbourne Wedding Planning: Managing Your Wedding Budget

To scrape by and be heavily indebted after spending so much money on your recently concluded wedding day is the least you want to happen. In fact, it is no longer new that most couples went a little overboard with their expenses too.

But how to not fall into this trapping? And be wise with purchases and acquiring services for your Melbourne wedding planning?

Melbourne Wedding Planning Tips – Here are some ways to manage expenditures and still have an illustrious wedding: 

  • Have a matrix or checklist of your stuff for the wedding – Having this can save you from unnecessary outlays and prioritise what is utterly important on your wedding. It helps you pinpoint the excess and focus on the essentials.
  • Enlist a wedding planner, and a good bunch of vendors/suppliers – The best investment for your wedding is hiring a wedding planner. For one, he or she knows the cost of services, food and other things related to the wedding. He or she also has this access to the best wedding vendors in town from caterers, florists, couturiers and designers, bands, singers, dancers, DJ’s, stylists, transport service providers, events places managers etc. Plus, since he or she constantly works with these people in the industry, he or she could distinguish the “good eggs” from the not so all right ones. He or she could work magic with the budget you are proposing too.
  • Have a word with a couple who had recently tied the knot- You may ask those who previously got married. You may query about how much budget they had, what specific venue or theme was at play for the wedding, who the people behind the success of their event were, and the challenges they encountered in planning the wedding and thereafter.
  • Go to bridal fair shows – You can wander off from one booth to another and ask for quotes from each wedding vendor, that way, you can compare prices for their services.
  • Be on the lookout for hidden charges – Be thorough in checking if there are hidden charges or tacking off for tips, plating, and corkage and clean up fees on the events place or venue. Be mindful of vendors’ transportation charges if they come from another state or place and if they also have an overtime fee.
  • Stick to your afforded budget but put aside for extra. There are instances where the guests exceed in number, there are valet fees, or mishaps happen like the bride knocked down one of her teeth (a Hollywood Actress and Singer went through this) on the wedding day. There must be an immediate dental remedy for it, or the buffet run out; at least there is an emergency fund to cover the extras.
  • Learn to choose the moderately priced yet quality over the ostentatious – Go over that physical or virtual catalogue and compare items like wedding dresses, blooms, shoes, and accessories. For sure, there are not so pricey out there, but they have an ostensibly fine quality that matches designer ones.
  • Do not get disappointed if you have to forego something – If you like to indulge in delectable food for the guests, then you must make a few sacrifices like choosing a more comfortable, functional and nice pair of shoes over those Louboutins. 
  • Properly time and fix your wedding date, not on peak seasons – There are more discounts when your event falls on a day that is not a holiday. Other couples choose winter weddings for a reason. 
  • If you can do other things, then do them – If you have an inclination in the arts, design your own invite, both hard copies and soft copies. 
  • Save for the future – Have a separate account for savings, and as they say, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

The Melbourne weddings is a precious life event, but it is also just one of the other days in the life shared together by the couple. Make the rest of your married life meaningful by not having you and your partner deal with so much debt. Look forward to having a quality life, and if you plan to have children soon, leave something for them too.

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