Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Poses Top 20 Part 1

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Poses Top 20 Part 1

Touch the screen!, Strike a pose!, 3-2-1 Smile!

Below is a list of popular Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne poses you can do in any of our photo booths. Enjoy! 

1   Photobomb

The most common photo pose at events is the photobomb which is where a random guest at the last second jumps into the photo. This is usually unplanned and creates lots of laughter afterwards.

2   Macarena

While the “Macarena” is playing or even if it is not played, do the dance moves to this dance in three shots.

3   Upside Down Pose

Have two strong people on both sides and one person in the middle. Carry the one in the middle up and tip them upside down and take your photos.

4   Pick Her Up

Pick up your partner or a friend and get that perfect shot.

5  Charlie’s Angels

Best done with two people, even three. Face opposite directions and have backs together. Make a gun out of your hands and point it up mimicking the Charlie’s Angels pose in the movie. 

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Poses Top 20 Part 1
6   Will You Marry Me

Grab a board to write on or a piece of paper or even the guest book and write for the first photo “Will You” for the second photo “Marry” and for the third photo “Me”. Send a copy to your partner/girlfriend.

7   Take A Call

Put out your mobile phone and pretend like you are receiving a phone call like a busy businessman/woman. 

8   Face Shot

Go up close to the camera and fill it with only your face.

9   All Pictures The Same

Pick any pose and stand there for all three photos doing the exact same thing.

10  You Have A Drinking Problem

You plus your drink and nobody else. Pretend to drink it or drink it for real and take your photos.

11  High five Your Friends

Get a bunch of your mates in the photo booth and all high five.

12  The Salute

Pretend you are in the army practising your salute or salute just for fun.

13  Raise The roof

Put your hands up in the air with your palms flat. Pretend you are raising the roof.

14  Hashtag Writing

Grab our chalkboard props and some chalk and write your favourite hashtag and hold it out in front of your chest.

15  The Conga Line

This one takes multiple photos but get three people in first. Get everyone turned on their side and everyone to hold the hips on the person in front. The person on the left just hold their hands out. Repeat as many times as you like with different people.

16  The YMCA

If you have four people wanting to be in the same photo then why not stand them in a line and from left to right spell YMCA

17  Tongue Out

This pose is simple and popular with everyone in the photo sticking their tongues out.

18  Get Risky

Do something most guests would not dare to do. A light spanking or a moon or even a flash. Just remember you are on camera and digital copies of the photos will be shared.

19  Create A Heart

All you have to do is create a heart with your hand in “Korean drama style”.

20  Proposal Reenactment

In front of the camera reenact the time you proposed to your partner

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