Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Trends - Top Six 2021

Top Six 2021 Wedding Photo Booth Trends

The 2021 wedding season is upon us, and now is the time to take a look at mirror booth that are taking over the Australian wedding scene.

After all, you want the wedding to be perfect, and so it is crucial to pick the best fun mirror photo booth Melbourne trends to make sure your friends and family remember this special day as one of the most awesome days of their lives.

Without further ado, let us take a look at top 2021 wedding photo booth Melbourne trends:

 1. Photo Booth Printouts As Wedding Gifts

Photo booths are an awesome way to add extra fun to your special day. And if the wedding budget currently does not include a photo booth Melbourne, you may want to rethink this. Think about it this way: photo booth pictures printed out to make fantastic wedding gifts. Redirecting some of the funds you were going to spend on mostly useless junk, such as coasters, stubbie holders or wine glasses, to custom-designed photo booth printouts is a smart idea if you are going for a truly personalized wedding gift.

2. Style Over Cost

When thinking about photo booths, most couples picture an old-school, boardwalk-style photo booth that spits out one or two photo strips of questionable quality. The outside of such a photo booth is a boxy construction that makes any wedding or event space look and feels awkward, if not tacky. No wonder enclosed photo booths in Melbourne are the cheapest option available to couples.

Thankfully, advances in photo booth Melbourne technology give brides and grooms alike a chance to take a step away from the ugly & pick something a bit more stylish (and fun!) for their special day.

The mirror booth Yarra Valley is the best example of this new trend. It is a modern look, and touchscreen features make an excellent addition to every wedding or event, and its custom-designed, high-quality photo prints make your wedding gifts feel a lot more premium.

 3. Open-Air Vs Enclosed 

Similar to the lines of the previous trend, the enclosed type photo booth are slowly going away. They are huge, bulky and, let us be honest, a bit creepy since nobody can see what is going on inside them. We will not even mention how bad some of them smell when inside the booth (oh wait, we just did).


Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, on the other hand, engages your friends and family from afar with its vibrant animations & beautiful presence in the wedding reception. It is impossible to miss the astounding full-length mirror photo booth inviting you to take a photo or three. And trust us, even guests who hate taking pictures love the mirror booth. There is something about being able to see your own reflection & looking perfect in every photo that makes even the pickiest of guests fall in love with the mirror photo booth Melbourne trends.

4. High-Tech & Different

Most photo booths are rather boring and light on when it comes to their features. Sure, they take a photo but the process itself is less than impressive.

But what if you & your friends and family could interact with the photo booth Melbourne in a completely different way? Think signing the pictures using our photo booth touchscreen or adding digital emoji props to everybody’s smiling faces. How about being able to pick a print design right on the screen & do all this with the help of engaging, fun animations that walk you through the process? 

All this is not only possible with the mirror photo booth Melbourne, and it is part of every single Matt Jefferies Entertainment experience. Does that sound like something you & your friends and family deserve on the most important day of your life?

 5. Props Are More Popular Than Ever

While some guests find props a bit too silly for their photo, an overwhelming majority still wants to see fun signs, themed glasses and other props alongside the photo booth at the wedding.

And we, at Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, sure do not mind because we love fun props and all the silliness that will come with them! With a treasure trove of themed and modern prop signs, we are very confident in being able to satisfy everybody’s taste in props. And for those who would like something more personal, consider our custom props signs. These allow wedding couples to get as creative as they like, for example, featuring an inside joke familiar to their friends.

Want help with custom wedding props? Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne specializes in custom experiences, so whatever you have in mind for the wedding props, we will make it happen!

 6. Non-Traditional Backdrops Selection

Plain & sequin backdrops are good, but this year, it is all about shapes, patterns, florals, and, believe it or not, colours. The good news, the choices are pretty much limitless when it comes to choosing a backdrop.

At Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne, we begin by figuring out what your print design will look like & then recommend backdrops based on how your overlay looks. It is crucial that you ensure consistency between the two because together, the two will create the overall look of the photo gifts.

Picking a backdrop may seem a lot less important, but we encourage you to really think big. This is the chance to make a huge statement, show off your chosen style and reinforce the theme of your special day. 

Another very cool way to make the photo booth Yarra Valley experience a little bit different is by adding some furniture to the picture. Think vintage couches, Game of thrones chairs or shabby chic love seats. They look amazing & purposeful in the pictures, not to mention help more guests get in on the photo fun. Why have your friends and family crouched for the pictures when they can sit on a beautiful piece of vintage furniture instead?

There is a heap to consider when picking a mirror photo booth Melbourne trends for your wedding reception, and we hope these top six 2021 photo booth trends will help you to narrow down the options & make the most out of the photo booth experience.

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