Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne Poses Part 2

Mirror Photo Booths Melbourne Poses Part 2

This is part two of our popular photo booth poses blogs. More cool and interesting ideas for you to try out in a photo booth.

just remember props are an essential part of any wedding, party, corporate event or function. Without them, your mirror photo booths Melbourne poses will not be the same. Bookings at Yarra Valley photo booth

1   Multi prop

Grab as many props as you can fit on your body, on your head or on your arms and let the photo booth take your photos.

2   Thumbs Up

Simply stick your thumbs up in all three photos in different positions and poses

3   Head Banging

Use devil horns if they are around, but pretend you are at a rock concert and bang your head while using the rock symbol.

4   Something Random

Find something from around the venue completely at random and take a photo with it.

5   Watch Me Whip

Remember the song called “Watch me whip” by Silento? Well pick any of the dance moves and pose for your photo. Be sure to choose a different dance move each time.

6   The Brady Bunch

Have a different person in each of the three photos doing only a head shot just like the the TV series The Brady Bunch.

7   The Baby

Include your adorable baby in a photo. Why? Because they look cute and you can treasure this photo for years to come.

8   Smokin’

Grab a prop gun or make a gun out of your hands and pretend to blow out the smoke

9   Superman

Put your fists out and pretend to be Superman

10  Show Off Your Guns

Flex those muscles and show off to all the ladies at your event

11  Moonwalk

Pose like Michael Jackson would while doing the famous moonwalk

12  Security Please

Fold your arms like a security guard in the movies 

13  Bored

Look like you are bored and not having much fun.

14  Mug Shoot

In the first picture face the camera. Then in the second picture have the back of your head facing the camera. In the third shot face the camera side-on. These three poses create the traditional mug shot photo

15  Goofy

Be silly and do something goofy in the photo

16  Thinking

Pretend like you are deep in thought about something

17  The Kiss

Either kiss someone on the cheek or on the lips

18  Sad

Create a sad face in each of the three photos

19  The Costume

Wear a costume in the photo booth and pose for your photos

20  Gangnam Style

Dance like PSY did in the famous song called Gangnam style. It is all about the horse dance move.

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