Mirror Photobooths Melbourne – Interesting Poses In Front Of The Mirror

Looking for a unique photo booth out of many Mirror Photobooths Melbourne? In fact, we are one of the best photo booth company hire in Melbourne. 

Our Mirror Photo Booth is one of the most popular photobooths you can hire for your next wedding or events. It is a lot of fun taking the mirror photo booth on any occasions. We get to meet some of the nicest people but we also get to see some of the most interesting poses.

Some of the most common poses consist of standing in front of the mirror photo booth and just smiling. Another is a photo with a thumbs up or two. Also, standing in front of the mirror and just wearing props or simply pashing someone in front of the camera.

Whatever the pose is, it’s always good to see all the smiles on people’s faces when they see the printouts. However, we do see some more interesting poses. There are lots of creative poses like pretending to strangle your friend (no harm was done in making that photo). In addition, we do see the occasional lift in the air and the piggy back ride photo. Guests also love to cram as many people into one photo as possible.

Our favourite has to be the photo bomb when someone joins in at the last minute but the people taking the photo don’t notice until they see the photo. Whatever the pose is, overall, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is heaps of fun at every event it goes to.

Below are some examples of photos we have captured in the mirror photo booth from various weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and Christmas functions.

Mirror Booth Fun Photos