Modern Wedding DJ Yarra Valley - Three Excellent Reasons To Hire One

Three Excellent Reasons to Hire A Modern Wedding DJ Yarra Valley

If you are on the hunt for a thrilling and exciting music selection for your wedding, your first thought might be to download your favourites into a USB drive and plug it into your sound equipment.

While this might work, nothing comes close to hiring a live modern wedding DJ Yarra Valley for your event! By no means is it a cheap option, but the benefits offered by a professional wedding DJ Melbourne may outweigh the costs associated with doing so. After all, you are letting the expert handle the song selection; as such, you are staying away from the cost of the hiring price of the wedding DJ: disappointed guests!

Do you still need convincing that a wedding DJ is a much better option if you would like a full dance floor at your wedding? Here are the reasons to seriously consider hiring one:

They Have Years Of Experience

After performing for many years, Matt Jefferies Entertainment has all the experience to ensure that I know exactly what to play when to play it to keep a wedding or event going. Whether it be playing music for a corporate party, birthday or a wedding, Matt Jefferies Entertainment will know what to play to ensure the right songs are playing to maintain the right style of atmosphere! 

Not only that, but we also know when to stop playing music or song or even tone things down a little bit. For instance, if you would like to use the microphone to announce something, I can quickly get to work to press play on the right tunes and lower the volume down so that your voice can be heard. Once you are done, the music kicks right back up where it left off as if nothing had happened.

The DJ Will Take Your Event Seriously

If you had a family or a friend guest take care of the music selection at the wedding or event, then you might not be able to rely on them too much to take your wedding or event seriously. After all, they are still your friends or family and will go about having a good time, forgetting about the job you asked them to do. 

On the other side of the coin, A professional wedding DJ Yarra Valley (like Matt Jefferies Entertainment) will know that it is their job to get the music selection perfect on the night. You will not have to go around chasing the DJ down to choose the tunes! They will always be behind the decks, keeping track of what is playing and readying up the next big song to be played.

They Have The Knowledge Of What Equipment To Use

If there is one thing that non-experienced family members or friends will fail to consider when choosing music, it is the equipment that will be used to play your music for the night. 

Even if your family member or your best friend has the most awesome taste in music, low-quality equipment will always produce bad sounding music! Not only this but setting up the sound gear in the right place is also crucial in creating an amazing experience for you and your guests. 

DJs will be well versed in the world of sound equipment and will know easily how to set them up to ensure everybody in the reception can enjoy high-quality tunes.



Why trouble yourself with music selection on the night when you can hire a modern wedding DJ Yarra Valley to take care of everything for you? Lifting that stress from your shoulders has to be the biggest benefit you will get from working with a professional wedding DJ Melbourne. Of course, all of the other reasons we have talked about above are also really good reasons to hire a professional wedding DJ Melbourne to deal with your wedding or event’s music selection. Whether it be a corporate party, birthday party or a wedding, they will make sure that the correct music will always be played, keeping your friends and family excited and having a blast.

Are you looking to hire a modern wedding DJ Yarra Valley to handle your wedding or event? Matt Jefferies Entertainment offers wedding DJ Melbourne to couples within the Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula, Bayside, Dandenong Ranges and surrounding areas. Hire a wedding entertainment Melbourne package from Matt Jefferies Entertainment today and boost your wedding or event’s music!

Modern Wedding DJ Yarra Valley - Three Excellent Reasons To Hire One