Photo Mosaic Melbourne - Latest Wedding Trend

Photo Mosaic Melbourne – Latest Wedding Trend

With the changes that occur in the wedding scene the previous year, there are trends that mushroomed and should it be given the premium that they are far easier to get by. 

2021 retained a few but introduced flexible ones – like the on the spot weddings whereby, the celebration is not on the wedding itself but on another date. Marriage first then party later so they say. Also, less has always been more as seen in the wedding dress, a slip-on will do, or others opt for billowing sleeves, and that is the sole accent of the wedding garment. There are favouring stylised lighting as they go easy on the decors. On the other hand, the fresher and the brighter, the better when it comes to ornaments. Others want reception and ceremony alongside travel, so they push for destination weddings.But for wedding entertainment, one has created a mark for itself as a popular trend, the PHOTO MOSAIC MELBOURNE.

Why do a lot of couples clamour for it these days? Well, one reason perhaps is that no matter where people are like friends and family may they be here and or abroad they could still join in the celebration. With a touch or a swipe, one can send photos in real-time, and they are featured in a 25×25 board that can accommodate around six hundred twenty-five photos. More so, there is a digital version of it accessible to anyone in High and Low Resolution.

Furthermore, it is not only the fresh from the shutter then transferred; photos are displayed instantaneously for spectators and onlookers. 

Old photos that remarkably feature fond memories of the couple could also be integrated to fill in and form parts of the mosaic.

Photos even coming from the live event, personalised Twitter hashtags or taken by a roaming professional photographer can also be added. 

Gadgets such as smartphones, laptops or a photo booth can be utilised as well for the derivation of photos.

But most couples opt for it because more than the huge photo mosaic wall that features them at the end of the day a handy and tangible memory would be up for grabs for them from the add-on Photo Booth – a cute and durable keepsake.

Turn photos into artistically curated photo mosaic wall hire and see the difference in making memories down to the wedding day until the years to come. People will be talking about it over and over.


Photo Mosaic Melbourne Wall is the latest Photo Entertainment offering by Matt Jefferies Entertainment. 

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