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A family-oriented woman and a teacher by profession, Wedding Celebrants Melbourne Julie Byrne found her way to being the go-to person of couples planning to exchange their “I Do’s” throughout Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Gippsland areas. This fun-spirited woman makes every wedding blissful and relaxed. With her 13 years of experience as a professional celebrant, she devotes her time to training celebrants-to-be with The Celebrant Institute.

Planning a wedding can be stressful; you need to find the balance in everything to have a memorable experience. Everything should be taken into consideration: from the guests, venue, food catering, videography and photography, wedding DJ and of course, your very own celebrant who will set the tone for your wedding ceremony. Julie, have it all covered if you are looking for a celebrant that connects with you the moment you meet. Her bubbly and humorous personality is sought after if you want an easy step-by-step process to plan your wedding and a no dull moment ceremony.

With her five wedding packages, surely you can find what best fits you and your partner. Get hitched without a fuss; just sign the papers and skip straight to married life in this Legals Only package. Another hassle-free ceremony with just a few guests is the Elopement package; you get the benefits of the legal only package as well as exchanging vows and rings as you tie the knot. An option for limited guests, which includes 10-15 minutes of the ceremony, is the Micro Wedding Package. This package consists of a one to two online or in-person meeting a month prior to signing all your paperwork and discussing a personalised wedding ceremony for you and a portal for all your queries and worries. There are two options for a fully organised and personalised dream ceremony: the Ultimate Wedding Ceremony and the Ultimate Wedding Package. Have all the glorious details of your wedding in these stress-free all in packages with, of course, the option of bringing your own ceremony DJ and just a mini rehearsal or having an on-site rehearsal and a ceremony DJ provided by the celebrant.

Whichever suits you, Julie will definitely make sure that your day will be as easy going as possible with all the fun and perks that will make your day meaningful.

Every couple has a story to tell, all the ups and downs, twists and turns of the relationship. This hopeless romantic celebrant is passionate about unfolding your story to create a deeply felt wedding ceremony. Servicing all over Melbourne, Yarra Valley, and Mt. Dandenong is Stella De Vin, a Cert IV in Celebrancy in 2013 and is fully insured with Public Liability and Indemnity insurance. So if you are looking for an affordable celebrant that can capture the heart and reflection on your ideas, thoughts, values and personality as a couple, she is your pick.

Stella De Vin is known for making a stylish ceremony may it be intimate or grand, she surely will make it unique and will make your family and guests feel included as you celebrate your union with your special one.

Stella De Vin has wedding packages for everyone that is all-inclusive. Just get married with the Legals Only without the fuss and guests. This is done briefly in her office with two witnesses and is subject to availability and limited booking. She also does not do it after 1 pm on weekends during peak season.

Personalised short ceremonies held mid-week and with guests no more than 20, something short and sweet is offered in the Mini Wedding with unlimited consultations via phone, text message and e-mail.

Get married secretly in a magical place for you without the fuss and over the budget wedding with this Elopement package with just two witnesses and the celebrant, still an intimate and genuine wedding ceremony for you.

If you want the grand wedding, this “All the bells and Whistles package” is for you. An intimate and personalised wedding ceremony with on-site rehearsal for a smooth flow, and unlimited consultations too. Another increasing popularity is the saying of I Do all over again in the Renewal of vows package for couples who wanted to re-affirm their vows after the test of time.

Let Stella define your love in her one-of-a-kind extraordinary wedding ceremony as you say your “I Do”.

How will you know that he is the one? Just like falling in love, finding the perfect celebrant can get you that feeling inside that just by merely talking to that person, you knew deep down that he will make your ceremony worthwhile. And every bit of you knows that you found the one that will match your love story.

Meet one of Australia’s most sought after male professional celebrant, David Schneider. He is a great storyteller of every couple’s story. There is nothing more that intrigues your guests than how your love story grew over the course of time. It is with this thought that your celebrant should be able to open up the ears and hearts of everyone present in witnessing your union.

Wedding Celebrants Melbourne David is hands-on in making sure that your story will be heard; he personally writes every couple’s story. In addition, his fun and relaxed vibe help remove the stress feels of his couples.

Your wedding will be exactly how you would like it to be. David developed a Ceremony Guidebook for those who do not know where to start. You can highlight any of the things you would like to be included, and of course, if you have ideas in mind, they are all welcome as he writes your first ceremony draft.

Don’t fret if you have a budgeted wedding ceremony; he offers his services at a discounted price as each of his weddings are carefully planned, he allots 20-30 hours for each couple. A small and beautiful one, and if you want all the bells and whistles, he has a package too. He’ll meet you at the comfort of your home anywhere in Melbourne, or you can visit his office at your convenience. He will be all in for an unlimited face to face consultation until your wedding day. He is at your service; after all, it is your special day, so you can have it your way.