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Sparkler exits are one of the biggest wedding trends currently. Combine with your favourite Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne, sparkler exits are the perfect send off for any newlywed couple.

Firstly, what is a Sparkler Exit? A Sparkler Exit is where all your guests form two lines with enough room in between to have the happy couple leave. Each guest gets a sparkler and we certainly recommend the 70cm ones.

The venue staff will come along with some blow torches to light all the sparklers in one go. Then the happy couple will run through before they get into the car taking them to their destination.

In fact, there are a few different ways you can do a sparkler exit which includes using safe indoor fireworks as well as dry ice/ dancing on a cloud. It can also be done by either of the two.

Leaving Circle

On the other hand, if you decide to do a sparkler exit combined with a leaving circle, you will need to pick three songs for the leaving circle. This song could either mean something to you as a couple. Having the three songs will give you enough time to go around the circle and say goodbye to everyone before you head into the sparkler send off. When doing a sparkler exit you should allow at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the end time of your wedding to ensure you finish on time and are not rushed out. With a sparkler exit, guests are more than welcome to leave all their bags at the table they were sitting at and once finished go back inside to collect them.

Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne
Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne

Safe Indoor Fireworks and Dry Ice Or Cloud Effect

One of the popular trend with Sparkler Exits is to have safe fireworks and dry ice go off during this time. It makes really beautiful pictures that create a lasting memory. To be able to use dry ice outside for a sparkler exit it has to be night with no wind or very little wind as the smoke just blows away with any type of wind.

The Sparkular fireworks also look amazing outside and are totally safe as they are a cold spark so will not harm anyone. Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Matt Jefferies Entertainment offers Sparkler Exit that will surely make your wedding exit as grand as possible.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment – – Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne

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