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Matt Jefferies Entertainment is all about having fun at your wedding. Whether you hire Matt Jefferies Entertainment or another Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Business, make sure that the DJ will interact with the crowd. In fact, there are many ways a DJ can interact with you and your guests. Some examples are wedding games, maracas, blow up guitars, encouraging your guests to sing and of course conga lines.

Starting A Conga Line

One way to start a conga line if everybody is sitting down at the tables and not on your dance floor is to get the MC to stop the music. Then ask everyone to stand and turn to their right. Tell them to put their hands on the hips of the person next to them and pick a leader of the table. The leaders job is to join up with another tables line until we get one big line. Then the fun begins.

At weddings, usually all it takes is for myself to jump on the microphone and ask them for one big conga line and everyone will join in. The typical conga line is around 30 to 60 people but I have seen conga lines over 100 people before. The bigger the wedding the bigger the conga and the more fun it is.

Wooden Maracas

A little trick I like to do is have the conga line going and hand out wooden maracas as guests pass by the DJ desk. This creates extra fun and excitement for all. When a conga line is going I always make sure to give them some directions like take it past the bar, head outside onto the balcony and bring it back in side or go behind the bridal table. The conga line always ends up coming back to the dance floor with everyone ready to dance.

Remember it is your wedding and the biggest advice I can give any wedding couple is to relax and have fun. Enjoy the moment as the reception goes really quickly.

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