Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Microphone – Must Have For DJs

A cordless Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Microphone is a must. If your DJ does not provide one of them, then this could make doing speeches hard. Traditionally when speeches are done, the bride and groom will do it from the bridal table or a lectern that the venue has provided.

A DJ with a microphone on a cord limit will determine where speeches can be done. This leaves you with two choices which are: doing it in front of the DJ desk or having everyone shout to be heard. Cordless microphones are not only useful for the speeches but also if you have a guest MC.

A guest MC should be able to roam around the reception venue or even do the MC work from his or her table. They are great because they know you more on a personal level. They also know all the inside jokes and stories about you.

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Furthermore, when choosing a friend or family member to be the guest MC, be sure to let them know that being the MC means they will be introducing the bridal party, bride and groom for the entrance, introducing the cake cutting, the first dance and any other dances like father daughter, announcing the bouquet and garter and the leaving exit/ sparkler exit.

Additionally, when using the cordless microphone be sure to speak clearly and hold the microphone close to your mouth. Two things I see when I am working with a guest MC is that they either have the microphone so far away that nobody can hear them.  Or they have it right up close to their mouth and even though they may be speaking loud. Either way, guests will find it hard to understand them.

Another common use for the cordless microphone is when the bride and groom choose a staff member from the venue to be the MC. Always ask to speak with the venue MC to check that you and your guests can understand them. Most venue MC’s are good but better to be safe than sorry.

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