Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Mosaic

Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Mosaic Wall

Matt Jefferies Entertainment is excited to be one of the first wedding businesses to have a Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne Mosaic Wall. You may be wondering what is a mosaic wall? How it works and why it makes your wedding more fun? Below you will see why we are so happy about our new product for hire.

What is a mosaic wall?

A mosaic wall is a big picture of the bride and groom which is hang on our special wall made of giant white Lego blocks. The big picture known as a mosaic is made up of little pictures of you and your guests. One very cool thing you can do with the mosaic wall is have us create a special hashtag for Instagram and Twitter. We will then encourage your guests to take photos and post with the hashtag. It sends all the photos to the printer. This is good if you have guests that cannot attend the wedding because they can still join in from anywhere around the world.

How it works?

The mosaic wall comes with a professional photographer which goes around taking photos of you and your guests. All your special moments get capture including the first dance, entrance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, father daughter dance and people having fun on the dance floor. The camera wireless sends the photo to the printer which then prints out a small photo with code on it. We have a big wall setup and attach black board with all the codes in the right place. The printer shades each picture to form part of the big picture which is the bride and groom. Once all spots on the board are filled up, we then give the bride and groom a kickass photo memory to take home framed.

How it makes your wedding more fun?

The mosaic wall makes any wedding more fun by involving guests on the night of the reception. The creation of a big picture made up of all little pictures gets people up out of their chair and mingling with others they may not have talked to. It is fun to see the picture start from a board and slowly transform into a big picture of the happy couple. People have fun also using the hashtag posting pictures of your wedding.

At Matt Jefferies Entertainment, we are all about fun weddings and people interacting in fun, unique ways. We create the most magical weddings and our customers rave about how much fun everyone has. If you would like to book the mosaic wall then please go  to Fill in our online form which takes less then 30 seconds. We will then get back to you as soon as we can. We know you don’t like to wait. 🙂

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