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Wedding DJ in Melbourne : Unique Wedding Themes and Different Culture

6 Unique Wedding Themes

  • Crazy Rich Asian Theme 

Do you remember the breath-taking scene of a venue turned into a botanical garden? Did your jaw drop the moment that the bride walked down the aisle of water filled with flowers? Re-create it by using a mirrored aisle of flowers and water. Make it an earthy scenery filled with green palm leaves, grass and orchids to add colour while filling the entire place with nothing but luxury! 

  • Beach Theme 

Have the wind blow your hair while walking towards your man! Make that picturesque view while wearing just the right flowy dress. Don’t forget to use rocks, driftwood, shells and starfish as you decorate the place. Simple but elegant.

  • Coffee Theme

Coffee lovers? Take it to the next level! Already have your something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed? Why not try adding something brewed? Brown and cream may be a bit odd, but that combination can surely capture every soul’s heart. Spill your coffee beans and let it do the magic!

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Have your venue be bewitched by fairies and woods. Flowers on the hair can do the trick. And if you are into kids being at your wedding, your flower girls can wear their tutus and wings. Indeed, love conquers all as you put in the colours of summer in this wedding inspired theme.

  • Winter Wonderland 

Who says you can’t get married if it’s cold? Snowflakes, blue LED lights, and white background can make your guest feel cozy. A wedding gown with furs can keep you warm. Fill your place with white tree branches and crystals to make it look like entering a fairytale, except that it is your fairytale!

  • Travel Inspired Theme 

Love is in the AIR! Ready your ticket as you check on the globe and travel around with your better half. Pay attention to your wedding decorations; make way for maps, cameras, suitcases and planes. Have your passport stamped “Just Married”!

Wedding DJ in Melbourne

Different Wedding Culture

Weddings are all about two people joining together to make their lives as one. It is walking together hand in hand. And as population and mixed marriages grow, we encounter different people with their own beliefs and traditions. 

Australia is no different, as statistic says that it has the most culturally diverse nation in the world. About 1 in every three marriages in Australia is intercultural. As we respect each belief, it is essential to know that each is significant. Let’s take a look at these popular intercultural marriages in Australia:

  • Greek

We have seen movies where it is in the Ancient times, did you know that January and June are good months for Greeks? It is said that Zeus dedicated January to his wife and the goddess of fertility. Greek traditional wedding colours are white, blue or pink, and each tradition are full of cultural meaning. One thing that will surely be of importance is the wearing of a crown or what they call the “Stefana”. The priest will place a crown made from flowers or metal on both the bride and the groom then the wedding sponsors will have to intertwine them three times and will be tied with the ribbon which signifiesOppair union. 

  • Korean 

Marrying an “oppa”? Be ready as you wear your “hanbok” on the day of your wedding. Though Korean weddings have become modernised, bowing and gift-giving is still part of the wedding ceremony. Balance of colours will always be an integral part of this occasion since the yin and yang are believed to balance the life of the couple. 

  • Italian 

Like many other weddings, Italians also have traditions and superstitions. Only the bride can wear a white dress as it signifies purity and innocence, and even if the bride is not wearing white, guests should never wear anything white. The bouquet flower is given by the groom as it is considered as his last gift to his girlfriend as she will soon become her wife. Isn’t it romantic? And don’t forget to have your wedding on a Sunday as it is a lucky day! 

  • Japanese 

This wedding ceremony takes up a whole day to finish. It is an intimate affair in which only family members can attend as well as the matchmakers. The bride wears a white kimono with a big white headdress as a symbol of submission while the groom wears a black kimono with their family symbol embroidered in it. A Shinto wedding ceremony usually ends with an offering of gifts to gods. 

  • Indian weddings

This ceremony is usually a multi-day affair as it involves complex ceremonies divided into three parts. It includes a painting of the hands and feet of the bride and the groom with henna. It is believed that the deeper the colour, the deeper the bond between the husband and the wife. Hindu weddings focus not only on the union of the bride and groom but also to tie both of their families. 

  • Philippines (Catholic) 

Having been colonised, Filipino wedding is a mixture of Spanish and American. It consists of a candle as Christ is the centre that will light their path, the coins representing their sharing of life for richer and poorer, the veil which clothes them as one, and the cord which is in the figure of 8 which symbolises the infinity of being together. Traditionally, the bride and groom will wear white Filipiniana and Barong Tagalog. Over the years, it evolved to tuxedo, suits and bridal gown. 

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Marrying the right person at the right time may be a cliché, but it also holds true until now. And though your wedding may be one of your awaited moments, it is vital to find the right Wedding DJ in Melbourne that can help you with your preparations. More than just playing songs, your chosen Wedding DJ in Melbourne knows how to read the crowd, and it can lighten the mood by playing the right songs to engage your audience. From the moment your guests enter the reception, songs are played in a rhythmic manner. Your Wedding DJ Melbourne will also make sure that your first public entrance as husband and wife as well as your first dance will be captivating!

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