Wedding DJ Keilor - Band Vs DJ

A Wedding DJ Keilor Or A Live Band: Which One Is Better For A Wedding Reception?

Planning a reception with a DJ or a live band can be very exhausting; there are seemingly endless choices that you will have to make from now until the special day. The venue, caterer, dress code, photography, videography and every little detail has to be just right on your big day.

It can become really stressful, and it is difficult to juggle so many plates at once. It is almost terrifying to think that you are neglecting or even forgetting some essential wedding components like a wedding DJ Keilor

One aspect of the wedding reception that deserves more attention is wedding entertainment Melbourne. Whether it be a premium wedding DJ or a live wedding band Melbourne, you want to make sure that the wedding is lively and all your friends and family are entertained. It can be challenging to pick between the two as they each come with their own set of advantages that can make them a really appealing option for your special day. 

To help simplify things, we will be breaking down all the relevant information that you will need to have to make the best choice possible. 

Hiring A Live Band Melbourne

Live bands can be an awesome addition to your wedding reception. This is because you may hire a band that can play the styles of music that your friends and family will enjoy. What is awesome about this is that there is a wedding band for just about every style that covers the different generations of music. Whether you are into the wedding classics or more of a contemporary style of music, there will surely be something for everybody.

Another awesome thing about live band Melbourne is that they are amazing at building up a crowd’s energy. You need to remember that these musicians are professionals that will have done hundreds of weddings and events, which means they will know how to work for the crowd. You can rest assured that there will not be any dull moments, as they will have the dance floor fully packed until the end of the wedding reception.

One drawback to hiring a live band Melbourne is that the song selection will be limited to the tunes that they know how to sing and play. And while they might have a near-encyclopedic knowledge of songs, this will still be much more limited when you compare to the extensive song list that wedding DJ around Melbourne can offer.

Hiring A Wedding DJ Melbourne

DJs are mainstays at all kinds of weddings and events, large events and events small. They are incredibly versatile and know how to create a specific song list for the wedding as long as you will be willing to communicate clearly what you would like. This gives you access to pick from thousands, if not millions, of different song choices that encompass all styles of music.

DJs also open up to the possibility of guest interaction, they can take song requests that will add more fun to the wedding. This is a great idea, as it offers a more dynamic song selection experience.

When it comes to logistics, it is also far easier to plan for a DJ rather than full live band experience. This is because a wedding DJ Melbourne need a smaller setup and will not have to carry around heavy music gear, which results in less work for yourself and your wedding planners.

Which One Should I Pick?

At the end of the evening, it is really up to your personal choice. If you are into a specific style or type of music, then a live band entertainment experience might just be the way you should go as they will offer a more specialised musical experience. For couples with more varied taste in music, a wedding DJ Keilor is the best bet as they can cover more styles of music and allow for more flexibility.

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Wedding DJ Keilor - Band Vs DJ