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Wedding DJ Music Tips: Ten Indie Song Choices You Might Not Have Thought For Your First Dance

Around the time Stephanie Meyer’s novel the Twilight Series/Saga (2008-2012) made a roaring success on the big screen all over the world, it was also the time when the Indie Folk Singer Iron and Wine got to hit our ears with the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth (2007). If you hear the song and clear out the lyrics, you might wonder if exactly the protagonists Bella and Edward would ever waltz to it at the end part of the first movie instalment. Especially if the lyrics are taken literally, though many have written about it and have said that the first part and the second be considered figuratively; and that sort of the chorus implies poetically finding that beloved.It is not surprising that across the globe, especially for faithful Twilight fans, they used the song as their wedding first dance song. Have you thought that maybe the song you might be looking for may not exactly be what music download apps may recommend?

It might be the Indie song that you have just heard but made ripples to your heart and blotted throughout your consciousness. And it might even be a prodigious prospect for the first dance.

These are our Wedding DJ Music Tips Ten Indie Songs handpicked tunes from, Spotify, YouTube, for your First Dance:

  • You Were the First by Slow Dancer – There is something relaxing and enigmatic with the song that you would just like to dance slowly to its trance like a guitar rendition.
  • She by I Know Leopard– Obviously a pay of homage to the “she.” Hypnotic and poetic at the same time grows on you slowly but straight to the heart. 
  • Alone with You by Phebe Starr – Opens with the sound of an organ from a Church, and as the lyrics unfold and some parts would relay “I got lost in the night”, it assures that there is no higher longing than being found in the arms of a loved one.
  • Missing Piece by Vance Joy- Makes you want to tap on the table or something, but when heard steadily and the lyrics carefully studied, then you realize what “gold” fell on your lap.
  • Bizarre Love Triangle by Even as We Speak – Reminiscent of Frente’s version and carefree style of Dolores O’Riordan singing combined makes you snap your fingers as it takes you back in the glorious ’90s and youth’s innocent vibe. Brief but poignant, though, ask your DJ if it is possible to play it over or lengthen play time.
  • Adore by Amy Shark – Have you not been swept away by love? This will.
  • Feeling you by Harrison Storm – Lyrics might be a bit sensual, but the melody is as easy going as the strumming of the guitar, in slow but felt pacing.
  • Someone to you by the Banners – Not your typical song choice (listen to it first), but you’ll be drawn to how this song makes you wonder what it feels to belong to someone, not just to anybody but to that special “someone.”
  • Charlie by Mallrat – All the love for this song, simple lyrics and upfront like a declaration of love.
  • Come Away by Sons of the East – Chill vibe and just enough to be nostalgic of long drives but preeminently provides that feeling of wanting to leave out all the rest and just be with the love of your life.

Anyone can have the freedom to choose whichever songs they like for the first dance, may it be mainstream or indie, but select the ones that your heart beats the loudest to.

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