Wedding Dry Ice Melbourne

Dry ice effect, also known as the Dancing On a Cloud effect, is a fun and creative way to make your first dance that little bit more special. Dancing On a Cloud effect is not common with many DJ’s, so if your DJ has a Wedding Dry Ice machine I suggest you book it in early. Dry Ice is completely safe and disappears quick, so there is no risk of slipping.

Wedding Dry Ice can be great on its own with the couple dancing to a romantic song, or can also be used in a theme first dance or creative dance. Speak with your DJ as they may have some creative ideas to help make the first dance stand out more.

Wedding Dry Ice Melbourne
Wedding Dry Ice Melbourne

How Does a Wedding Dry Ice Machine Work?

  • Using a machine such as the Chauvet Nimbus, the machine is filled with water, and brought to a boil.
  • Once the water in the machine is heated, dry ice is place in a basket and lowered into the machine.
  • Once the water and dry ice connect it creates a thick low fog.
  • The fog will linger on the floor (not rising to the roof & setting off the fire alarm) and then disappears.
  • One cycle on the machine can last for up to 6 minutes, so there is plenty to last the for a standard first dance of about 4 to 5 minutes.

What will you feel when dancing in the dry ice effect? U will feel a cool sensation dancing in the fog. It will seem like you are dancing on a cloud and the air will be easy to breathe.

Wedding Dry Ice is popular with first dances. Your guests would certainly be amazed with your unique first dance performance. Matt Jefferies Entertainment offers Dry Ice plus indoor FIREWORKS which could create a WOW factor on your first dance.

For quote regarding Dry Ice and Wedding Fireworks, call DJ Matt at 0411 587 506.