Choosing The Right Disc Jockey For Your Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley.

Your wedding entertainment is one way you can make sure your friends and family have an awesome time. It can also be a different way of adding your own personal touch to the wedding.

Your wedding is a party, after all! You want to make it a kick-ass event that your friends and family will not forget soon. Whether your goal is to get friends & family moving on the dance floor or just to have some awesome music accompanying the wedding, hiring a wedding disc jockey can be a great choice for your wedding entertainment Yarra Valley.

Now your wedding reception is around the corner, and it slowly dawns that the music must be perfect. Nothing can be compromised. Having checked all other boxes like venue, dress, cake, it is time to let the tunes play to the high heavens. Music is 1 of the intricate fibres that make up a near-perfect reception. Friends & family may easily forget that the dessert did not get to their corner of the venue but will not as easily forget how the songs you selected made them feel. Music & entertainment are significant in determining what kind of memory the friends & family will leave with. While the most important thing on the day is the exchange of vows between 2 lovebirds, music comes next quite closely. Interestingly, statistics show about 72% of couples say they wished they had spent more time carefully choosing their music businesses. 65% of couples that chose a wedding band to entertain at their reception said, if they had to do the wedding again, they would have picked a disc jockey.

The back & forth that go on in the minds of couples, on whether or not to use a band or disc jockey is worthy of note. Both have a lot of good qualities to offer when got right. However, you can not afford to risk it, especially the entertainment side at your reception. Sad as it may sound, you just can not hide bad song selection, so it behoves you to get it correct. A lot of working disc jockeys are part-time hobbyists who do it just for a little cash or fun. You will want to get a professional to stand to avoid bad stories. How then do you check that box correctly?

Once you have chosen that you want a disc jockey to provide the music for your wedding reception, you have to pick the disc jockey. Picking the right disc jockey for your wedding can seem like a daunting task because you know that the disc jockey sets the tone for the reception. Pick a great disc jockey, and it is going to be hard for your reception to be anything less than spectacular. Pick a so-so disc jockey, and even with the best food & venue, you are still probably only going to have a so-so reception. However, there are so many choices in disc jockeys that you may be overwhelmed. 

Unlike a live wedding band, a disc jockey can play the actual recordings that your friends & family love and crossfade them, so there is no awkward quiet time between tunes. Which wedding entertainment Yarra Valley disc jockey you hire will depend in great part on what kind of songs you want and what your friends & family will be happy to hear. If you want a dance party, you will find plenty of disc jockeys who can give you one. You can also find disc jockeys who will do a custom a playlist for you, whatever your tastes. Here are some tips to have in mind when booking a wedding disc jockey.

Know What To Look For & Where To Find Your Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley

The most used option is to go with a disc jockey whose primary business is weddings. These wedding disc jockeys know the ins & outs of wedding receptions & may even be awesome at serving as an MC to make announcements. To find 1 of these, do the usual web searching & asking for referrals from other businesses.

If your focus is on having amazing dance music, you may consider a wedding DJ Melbourne from the local nightclub scene. These disc jockeys may actually charge lower prices, but they will not necessarily be experienced with weddings. To find 1, you can start by asking at local nightclubs.

If you really want to go all-out on music, you may be able to find a wedding DJ Yarra Valley who is also renowned for its awesome music or a club disc jockey who has lots of wedding reception experience. These can be ideal options, but be aware that they may cost you. A professional wedding DJ of this variety will probably be well known in your area. Just ask your suppliers.

Ask To Hear Samples Of The Reception DJ’s Work

Once you have hire a DJ Melbourne or two that seems right for the reception, ask to see examples of their work. This could be a YouTube video of a live performance or sample playlists. The more key to you, the quality of the songs is, the more you should see & hear before hiring.

Give The DJ Your Song List & Your Do Not Playlist

If you are already set on a song list, discuss it with disc jockeys and make sure they are willing to use it. You may also want to make a “do not play” list & share it to avoid any unset family or friends.

Ask How They Get The Crowd Going

If you want your wedding DJ Brighton Savoy to be really involved in making your wedding fun, be sure to ask about how they engage an audience. Some excellent questions to ask:

  • How does the disc jockey get friends and family dancing if they seem reluctant? 
  • Will they accept requests from friends and family?
  • Is the wedding DJ Melbourne willing to also act as an MC and make announcements?

What Do I Look For In Finding A Good Reception Disc Jockey?

Investigate Your Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley & Melbourne

Take your time to find them out. Go out to some events & get the contacts of the disc jockeys behind the parties you enjoyed. Ask family & friends to recommend a few & then create a list. Do some level of research on those on your list. What equipment they have? What attitude do they exude when performing? Read reviews & then decide who to pursue.

Stand Your Ground

You may have chosen out a disc jockey, now be sure to tell them exactly what you want. Some disc jockeys may wish to side-track you & have their own way, do not let them. Make them listen to you & your demands. If that’s such a hard thing for them to do, it’s time to change disc jockeys.

Be Thorough

Without being a ‘bridezilla’, you can nicely table your music plan. Find a wedding music Melbourne disc jockey who understands the kind of tunes you want to be played in every section of the reception. He must be willing to create fun & show-stopping playlists for different categories. Research shows that expert disc jockeys prefer it when the client clearly tells them what they want to hear. Go through playlists for the father-daughter dance, bride procession, parent’s dance, couples are dancing & more. Do not be afraid to be thorough.

Create Your Wedding Playlist Early

It may feel like a flimsy part of the process, but it is not. It is your Wedding day, so he gets familiar with what you want. The disc jockey who makes that demand knows his cucumbers indeed. Stay with him. Let him know the songs that you want on the do not playlist. If you can’t stand tunes with swear words, let him know. If you do not like a particular artist, let them know as well. But be an early bird & have his work cut out for them.

Friendly Wedding DJ Melbourne 

I know a lot of couples have too much on their plate to care a lot about, but it does help to get to know your disc jockey. Know his reviews, read up on him/her, search out some FAQ’s on the web or plan a meet or zoom so you can look him in the eye & know what your guts tell you.

Find A Disc Jockey That Does More Than Just Play Music At The Reception

You have a playlist. You also can choose to have a do not playlist. You hire someone who has knowledge in mixing songs well. How hard can it be? The truth is, it’s not. Music should be the easiest part for the best wedding disc jockey. Most brides & grooms today are looking for a lot of dancing at their wedding, and while you’ll want a legit disc jockey spinning your music, the secret is not all about the mix.

Talk About Timelines With Your Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley

More often than not, you will want your wedding entertainment Yarra Valley to make announcements & play songs. But what you do not realize is that you should look for a disc jockey that takes it even further. The best wedding disc jockeys know how to create & run a wedding timeline that is engaging & makes sure that all of the correct details are covered. Things like checking in with the bride & groom, making sure photographers capture the important moments, & working directly with the banquet manager are just some of the most basic details that the best wedding disc jockeys are trained to cover. If you enjoy perfection, you will want a disc jockey that will ensure you can relax & be a guest when it matters most.

Hire A Two-Person Wedding Disc Jockey Team.

The best wedding disc jockeys consist of a two-person team, an MC and a disc jockey. It’s practically impossible for 1 person to play music & run your wedding reception at the same time. Formalities can be announced from behind the desk, but don’t be surprised if the solo disc jockey talent that you hired to focus on the songs for the reception is a bit overwhelmed by the added demands that come from performing for a wedding (as opposed to a nightlife function). A two-person team will make formalities run smoother, allow the MC to check-in where needed, & much more. In addition, some receptions that host multiple weddings on the same day only allow for a little window of time for your suppliers to set up. If this is the case, having a two-person team is going to ensure that they are set up on time. You should have an awesome disc jockey focused on the songs at all times, and a great MC to focus on the rest of the party.

Know What Can Should Wait For & Know What You Should Not.

Uplighting gets cheaper every year. There’s a new type of photo booth coming out each year. The point is, no 1 is going to be out of stock on your wedding date. However, great wedding disc jockeys get booked up far in advance because they have a high demand. With only 52 weekends a year to play from the 100s of song requests they get every year, make sure you don’t wait too long to secure a wedding DJ Melbourne unless you do not want the best, which in case you should wait as long as you would like.

A good wedding DJ Yarra Valley is worth his weight in gold, and it’s important to choose value over cost. While you have the budget to work with, do remember not to ruin a great reception with a bad disc jockey.

What Makes a Good Wedding DJ Yarra Valley?

Being a Disc Jockey is about way more than pressing “play” on a Spotify playlist. Here are the most important qualities that set a good wedding Disc Jockey apart from the crowd.

Personality Of Your Wedding DJ Melbourne

If we could only give you 1 tip, it would be this!

Your Disc Jockey is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the evening. If you have a boring Wedding DJ Yarra Valley that means a boring wedding.

A Disc Jockey’s personality is the most important clue you’re going to get. Instead of relying on emails & texts, meet with your DJ on zoom or in-person to talk about the vibe, needs, and favourite songs. This will help you choose whether they can create the party atmosphere you are looking for.

Communication With Your Wedding DJ Yarra Valley

You have probably been hearing how important communication is during all those premarital classes. Well, working as a Disc Jockey is no different.

Playing songs is only part of what a Disc Jockey does. The other half is talking. From making sure you are on the same page regarding the “do not play” list to making sure the photography business captures the cake cutting, wedding Disc Jockeys need to communicate, & they need to do it well.

This is why it is most important to hire a wedding Disc Jockey that can also MC or has a professional MC helping them out. Other than your wedding planner, your Disc Jockey is the one person keeping everything together!

Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley - Choosing The Right DJ For Your Wedding


Any disc jockey who specializes in weddings will end up working a lot of them, so they really need to be organized. But when the plans change, they really need to be flexible.

An organized Disc Jockey has a copy of the evening’s timeline so they can keep events on time. But if the bride & groom are an hour late, they should be able to adapt on the fly so that you & your friends & family are able to enjoy the evening without feeling rushed (with plenty of time for dancing).

How to Choose a Wedding DJ Yarra Valley?

If you are meeting with multiple wedding Disc Jockeys, it can be hard to choose just 1. Here are a couple of questions you may need to ask to help you select the perfect DJ.

Do You Disc Jockey full-time?

You are best hiring a disc jockey that is either full time or is known in the industry as doing heaps of weddings a year. Matt Jefferies was full time until the covid 19 hit Melbourne, but not that bookings are coming back I am looking forward to returning to full-time DJ & photobooth.

Is Your Yarra Valley Entertainment Disc Jockey Insured?

DJ-ing does not sound like a terribly risky job, but accidents can happen anywhere. Make sure your wedding Disc Jockey is licensed and insured. Your venue many even require you to have a disc jockey with insurance.

How Many Disc Jockeys Do You Have?

If a disc jockey company has a team of disc jockeys, find out which 1 will be working at your wedding reception. You do not want to do all of your meetings with the business owner, only to find out that you do not vibe with the person actually at your wedding. Matt Jefferies Entertainment only has one disc jockey, and that is Matt Jefferies, so when you talk with Matt, you get Matt on your wedding day.

What other services do you offer?

Many Disc Jockey businesses now offer uplighting, photo booths, and other add-ons to make your wedding reception extra memorable. Many even offer packages that make the extras a little more affordable. We offer with any hire of our disc jockey service and our mirror photo booth Melbourne FREE dry ice for the first dance at your wedding reception. We also include uplighting FREE with any wedding DJ Melbourne booking.

Do You Specialize In Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley?

Corporate events, nightclubs, & weddings might all have Disc Jockeys in common, but the experiences are completely different. Make sure you find a wedding Disc Jockey, not just a Disc Jockey who’s willing to do weddings. Matt Jefferies does the odd school formal, but I do specialize in wedding music, Melbourne. I do 70 plus weddings with the disc jockey, not including all the photo booth events. 

Do You Have A Preferred Style?

If possible, look for a wedding Disc Jockey who’s music style closely matches your tastes. If you love hip hop & he listens to Garth Brooks, you probably won’t be able to rely on him for music suggestions.

What do you typically wear?

It’s not something most couples think about, but having a wedding Disc Jockey in the wrong wedding attire can make for an awkward reception. You would not want someone to show up at your casual beach wedding in a full tux. Or show up at an indoor reception venue wearing a t-shirt.

How Will You Build Our Playlist?

Ask your wedding Disc Jockey how they learn about your likes/dislikes & build a playlist for you. Will it happen in 1 meeting? Will they give you a song list via email for your approval? Do they have an online wedding planner where you can submit suggestions? Matt Jefferies Entertainment sure does have an online music selector which allows you to put in any songs you like plus sort them into brides choice, grooms choice, guest choice, must play and a do not playlist for all the songs you never want to be played at your wedding reception. 

How Do You Keep A Dance Floor Packed At A Wedding Entertainment Yarra Valley Wedding?

They do not need to provide you with their trade secrets, but a good wedding DJ Yarra Valley will have an answer for how they keep guests on the dance floor. At the very least, they will be able to read a room to see which tunes are hitting & which are falling flat.

How Do You Allow Song Requests?

If you would like friends and family to make song requests, ask the Disc Jockey how they can do this. (And if they say they never take song requests, RUN!)

Are you familiar with our venue?

If a wedding Disc Jockey has worked at your selected venue before, even better! Every wedding venue Melbourne has different quirks and layouts that can take some getting used to. But if your Disc Jockey has dealt with them before (and already knows the staff), that’s one less thing to worry about.

Can I See A Video Or Two Of Your Work?

Remember how we said Disc Jockeys needed to be good communicators? Well, you want to find one will do more than just talk a good talk. Ask if they can show you some video clips of other weddings they have worked so you can get a feel of what they play and how they make people have fun while dancing. 

Hiring a wedding Disc Jockey is one decision that makes a huge effect on your special day.

So much of your wedding day from the ceremony to the reception hinges on having the perfect atmosphere to set the mood. The wrong Disc Jockey can easily kill that vibe with the wrong music selection, a misspoken word, or a missed opportunity.

Hire a cheap wedding, Disc Jockey, and you’ll find it to be the worst money you’ve ever saved. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make sure you do it upright.

Blog is written by wedding DJ Melbourne Matt Jefferies Entertainment