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Wedding First Dance is the much awaited event in every wedding. It brings traditions and romantic vibe. As a Wedding DJ, I believe that a Wedding First Dance is as important as any other traditions and beliefs of different cultures in general.

Weddings are full of traditions. Every country has its own customs and beliefs. The city of Melbourne has its own style to make your wedding memorable. Thanks to the different variety of wedding planners, wedding DJs and wedding businesses in general. Everything that a bride and a groom do in their wedding symbolizes something in their marriage.

In fact, after the ceremony of the newly weds’, we tend to look forward for their first wedding dance. After all, this is the celebration of their new union and once they opened the dance floor, guests would happily join after.

How to make it memorable and romantic then? How can we make it unique and enjoyable?

There are a lot of ideas and services that people in the wedding industry offers. And we could also give tips on how to make your first wedding dance perfect.

First and foremost is choosing the right DJ for your wedding. DJs are gems in your wedding day. They will make your wedding lively, romantic and fun. This is their scene and they will make sure that your special day will be unforgettable.

As a matter of fact, choosing the right music for your Wedding First Dance is their expertise but you can also collaborate with them if you want to suggest the music you want them to play for your wedding dance. Good communication to your wedding DJ is also the key to make both of you happy and satisfied.

There are also varieties of dance studios that offers dance lessons if you want it to be perfect. Other couples attend dance lessons to make it more romantic for their brides.

Additionally, if you want to make it extra special, there are ‘dry ice effect’ and ‘dancing in clouds’ that is being offered by Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

This is everyone’s favorite, so to speak. This style and effect will make the whole first dance of your wedding amazing and picture-worthy. You can check the images posted so you could have an idea how awesome your wedding first dance will be.

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