Wedding Makeup Melbourne – 7 Tips In Hiring A Makeup Artist

So you’ve probably spent close to a year busily planning your wedding.  You have the most amazing dress, the venue is booked, you’ve perfectly seated every guest and your cake is something Adriano Zumbo would be proud of.  Now don’t forget about yourself…after all, what is wedding without a beautiful bride. Having a Makeup Artist for your own Wedding Makeup Melbourne is always a sure go.

You contemplate (only for a nano second) if you are good enough to perform this task yourself.  You decide you need a professional; this is the biggest day of your life.

Here are my top tips on hiring the perfect makeup artist:

1. Make sure the artist you are considering has an extensive bridal portfolio to view either online or in person.  

Bridal makeup and editorial makeup is very different.  Editorial makeup is often not worn every day and can be quite bold and generally seen on the runway or in print.  Your makeup will be put to the test, it needs to last from sometimes early in the morning, right through to midnight, it also needs to look good in daylight, under flash photography, and sometimes on video.

2. Make sure there is a selection of professional photographer images, as well as up-close makeup images taken by the makeup artist themselves. 

If you can only see models and no real brides in the portfolio, then think twice.  Let’s face it; a model would look fabulous in just about anything.  Most people are not blessed with flawless skin, perfect bone structure and zero pores.  Look for real brides!

3. Decide what look are you trying to achieve? 

If you are looking for a natural look that shows off your best features, then don’t choose an artist who specialises in the latest Instagram Makeup Trend of heavy foundation, overly contoured faces and big bold brows.  Makeup Artists are adaptable to most makeup styles, however each artists definitely has their own style.

4. Ring the artist. 

Generally chatting with the artist will give you a pretty quick indication of whether you are going to click with this person and if you want them around on your wedding day.

5. Read their reviews and testimonials from their website, Facebook or online wedding directories the artist may be listed on. 

Reading reviews from other brides may help make your decision.

6. Book a trial. 

Although this is an added expense, it’s the best way to make sure you will feel comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day.   It’s also a great way to get to know your artist and discuss the finer details.  Take inspiration pictures to your trial.  Tell the artist exactly what you like and what you don’t like.

7. Steer clear of cheap pricing/cheap package deals, as they are often too good to be true. 

Choose experience and expertise over a cheap deal, as don’t forget once your wedding day is over, all you’ll have left is your memories and wedding photos.  And you want to look good in those photos!

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