Wedding Planning Melbourne: When Things Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Planning Melbourne: When Things Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

In Secondary School, we have learnt that no matter how you prepared for something, our teacher told us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong or Murphy’s law. Hilariously, this is echoed through what we can encounter online, that the light at the end of the tunnel might be the headlight of a fast-approaching train; credits to the owner.

Even on your wedding day, some things happen without any fair warning; this is far from an apocalyptic turn of events, but it is in times of great desperation that the true colours of people manifest as they say; but also in this, a lot of people shine through and get by– by tapping onto their creativity, innovativeness and the proper attitude when wedding planning Melbourne.

With this, we must arm ourselves against complacency and be accepting of come what may.

Enough of the smarty-pants remarks; now, what if things actually go wrong on your wedding day? How to remain sane in spite and despite of it?

Here’s our Wedding Planning Melbourne Tips:
  • When everything went haywire, keep calm – if you would throw a fit like a child, chances are nothing would be resolved. Look at these moments as opportunities for improvisations of certain wedding day details. That instead of sulking because of mishaps and prangs, be alert and have the presence of mind so that you could come up with the best solution. Be calm and collected.
  • “Ships sink because the water gets in”- makes sense even with people; do not let any person, situation or something get to you. Choose your battles and handle them with sheer grace under pressure.
  • There are forces outside of us that we can’t control, but we can with our attitude – you can’t change other people’s perspectives or the course of events or meet out reality from what is expected. But with an optimistic attitude and a positive mindset, one can immediately bounce back from setbacks.
  • Proactively hiring Pros – do not fall prey on the assumption that you know and can handle everything. Leave things to a wedding planner and professional wedding service vendors/suppliers.
  • Matrix for Plan A and B – it could be a formalised wedding run sheet or a simple to-do list but prepare not only one but two or three even, so you can manoeuvre the parts of the wedding ceremony or program easily.
  • Do not overemphasise small stuff- avoid making a fuss out of trivial matters, let things go and prioritise what is essential for the success of the wedding event.
  • Crowd control – gate crashers, unforeseen plus ones and unexpected guests could cost you extra expenses, so put aside funds for extra plates so everyone could be fed.
  • Easy on the lager- hire a bartender or personnel that limit the tinnies and other intoxicating drinks so nobody throws up before the evening ends or cause any brawls.
  • Ready the chauffeur services– cover and provide for the transportation before and after the wedding event to your guests, especially those who came outside of the country or the state and would have to stay in the hotel.
  • Bring out the marquee, umbrellas – listen to the latest weather report and if it is meant to rain on your day, be ready with an umbrella or anything that shall cover and prevent everyone from having their makeup, hair and dresses drenched and muddied.


Overall, beyond the meticulous preparation and onsite troubleshooting of anything that could go wrong, the one true thing worth arranging and provisioning for is the couple’s shared life ahead; for this union is not for a minute, for an hour, or a heartbeat, but it shall be for eternity. Nothing is ever perfect, so just learn how to ride the tides and dance in the rain.


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