Wedding Speech Ideas Melbourne

Wedding Speech Ideas Melbourne – Speech and Toast Ideas

Trying to quiet down and pacify those daunted nerves as you play in your head the exact order of things to say while with sweaty palms? You may wish that you considered, perhaps a little over five times prior, if you’ll do the wedding speech and toast because you do not want to upset your best friend. After all, it is his wedding? But, hey, you have to calm down as I can see you are here because you still have a couple of weeks before the big day – exactly, I know what you came here for; to seek some ideas before you get overwhelmed stricken with panic.

Okay, then, let us grow that confidence before filling in those big shoes of spilling a profound wedding speech or toast in front of a rabble and be able to dazzle them. Here are things you need to know first before drafting yours:

  • It depends who will give out the speech -are you the groom (or even the bride?), the Best Man, Maid of Honor, one of the parents? 
  • Follow a foolproof procedure – have a time before the wedding to have a quick conversation with the couple and get reacquainted with good old days with them, know their story deeply. Write it down; then have your outline -introduce yourself and your relationship to the couple or one of them, greet everyone, make yours short, simple, sweet and even comical so as not to bore everyone. Then make an outstanding closing statement to it.
  • Even wedding speeches have theme – You could insert quotations, in the beginning, middle or end (just try not to make it mechanically obvious -have ad-lib too); talk about partnership and heart companionship, acceptance, blessings, encouragements, self-made anecdotes, humorous lines etc.
  • Making it into perfect timing – Know when you will be delivering that speech, but wherever you are designated, remember it is not about good impression only but authenticity.

 Basically, speeches, on a regular basis, ought to instruct, inform, persuade, and entertain; however, this is not a rally to which extent means to form a political coalition or a gala night for corporate people and or a convention. Again, this is a wedding, and here are some Wedding Speech Ideas Melbourne you could find inspiration from:

From the Father of the Bride:

“First, I would not say ‘Here ye! Here ye! ‘or accompany word’ Oyez’ with a deafening bell just like 18th-century town crier did. I am not up for the challenge; As the father of the bride, I both anticipate and dread this day. With the first one, I know I would not be the only man in my daughter’s life , but with the second, I can’t help but have triumphant chuckles that despite his new husband will be taking her away from me – it is no doubt, I am better and good looking still. But despite that, my love, you are still and would be the second woman next to your mother that has a special niche in my big chest door heart…not good riddance to you both, but a bear hug to the two of you… the other arm to you, my daughter, and the other one, of course, would not strangle your husband. Snuggle you both… I don’t say this much but, ‘love you both to the moon and back.”

The Best man:

“Good evening. Obviously, I am the Best Man ,______________.If there is one person here that is most likely wanting to rob off the bride of the groom, I could have been that person a while ago before they said ‘I do.’ No, don’t get me wrong, of course, there is no illicit affair between the groom and me. No, I never was intimidated by the bride when she was first introduced to me because she is a total bombshell and she’s drop-dead gorgeous, or that she later steals my friend from our usual basketball practice. As it arises, she is a better three-point shooter than myself.Yes, I love them both, but you see, I would like the bride to know that I would like my best friend actually to be out of the scene; I’ll kick him out a bit, have a moment with her (bride), for I could personally tell her how thankful I am; my friend turned out to be a better person because she is heaven-sent. And no other woman could make an excellent obliging 360 degrees reversion for my friend.

And to you, my friend (the groom), don’t just make an effort to sweep her off her feet, do it so long as you both live. And be a faithful friend and companion to your bride. She deserves all that. Cheers to you both and have a blast, a real resonating one – if you want it to likely happen as far as in the outback, or even the Yarra Valley or the high flying CBD!”

The Maid of Honor:

Great day to you all…as the Maid of Honor; I guess obviously all of you know that it has been one heck of a journey for me and the couple. From day one until this very day, it has all been a very humbling experience for me, not just being a part of their vast entourage but also vividly so involved in the process. I told the bride months ago, I want my gown speckled with hand-sewn beadwork, not actually to upstage her… but if the budget constraints hamper it, then I’ll just go ahead with a dainty slip-on frock instead. But putting aside the pun, truth is, as I await this time, I would propose a toast to everyone; I was toying upon Shakespeare’s words in his Othello, ‘I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peak at.’ Mine (dress) has no sleeves, but if I am asked again to do this, I will say yes over and over. With that, grab on to your goblets, that is if you have, but if not, your wine glasses shall suffice! All the love to the newlyweds!”


Beyond the numerous tips and Wedding Speech Ideas Melbourne out there, a real stand out is the one that comes from the heart!

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