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Weddings DJs Melbourne – How To Plan Your Final Exit

 When it comes to planning the final farewell of your wedding reception, you have to find that perfect way of getting all your guests out of the venue on time without wrecking the party vibe.

This will be your final moment of the night and also a classic cue for your family and friends to leave, so your weddings djs Melbourne will help you go out with a bang! We have seen a lot of great ways to finish your wedding night over the years, but these are our all-time best-loved ideas. Some are traditional, some require surprises, and some are a little unusual but unique — and all of them are sure to be impressive! Just remember that, as you are planning your reception timeline, you should leave at least 60 minutes from the time you leave to the time your venue hire is up to give your crew enough of time to get the place back in order.

It hardly seems imaginable if you are currently knee-deep in wedding plans, but there will indeed be the last song and moment of your wedding day. The food & drink will be gone, and the guests will be eager to say goodbye & good luck to you. So when this moment finally happens, how do you imagine it happening?

If the idea of the customary flower or confetti throwing makes you yawn or if you think a sparkler exit has been done to death, you’ll need to think of a creative exit that is sure to wow your family and friends. To help spark your imagination, we’ve picked seven of the most magical ways to end your wedding.

Grand Wedding Exit

The grand wedding exit is 1 of the most classic ways to finish your wedding, and for a great reason. After everyone has danced the night away, all your guests line up inside or outside to create a pathway for you & your new partner to walk (or run) through as you say your final goodbye and thank you’s. Most couples provide sparklers for guests to light up the walkway, but you could also use glow tubes if your grand exit is at night time. We have even seen couples double up on glowsticks & bubbles, so they get a hint of light along with a beautiful photo opportunity. If you’re having a day-time wedding, you don’t have to be limited to props that light up or flash. You could also use confetti, glitter, paper planes or flower petals. It does not matter what you choose, this will be one of the most exciting moments of the entire day and the best way for all your guests to shower you with love 1 last time before you start your new life as a married couple.

For logistics reasons, ask your wedding coordinator to line up all the guests, give out the props, and pick up the used sparklers or extra items after you have left. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator (but we suggest you do!), ask your bridesmaids or a trusted family person to take care of this part so you can leave the wedding reception in style. You can also make and add a sign at the venue at a high-traffic area, such as the guest book station, letting family and friends know what time you have planned your grand.

Surprise Fireworks Show

If you want to take your wedding end to another level, a fireworks show is the way to go! And keeping it a surprise from all the guests will make it feel even more romantic and magical. This is a great way to get all guests outside and gives you a perfect chance to say goodbye and head straight to your getaway transport. Keep in the back of your mind, that there are extra safety precautions to think about using fireworks. Before you organise anything else, check with your reception to confirm they let you have fireworks on their property. When it gets nearer to the day of the occasion, keep an eye on the weather conditions and check for any heat bans that might stop you. If you get the go-ahead, make sure that your photographer knows the plan and have fun with that magical final moment of your special day! Contact Weddings DJs Melbourne – Melbourne DJ – Matt Jefferies Entertainment for more information on safe indoor fireworks.

Last Dance Of The Night

If the idea of a standard exit does not appeal to you, end your wedding with all your family and friends dancing till the very end instead! Pick a tune that matches the tone you want your family and friends to remember. Some couples opt for a slow song to end the night on a sweet and sentimental note while other couples choose to end the night with a party vibe with an upbeat crowd hit song. You can not go wrong either way! When the weddings DJs Melbourne invites everyone to go to the dance floor for the final song, ask the MC also to announce that there is to be no traditional exit, so that family and friends know to stay on or close to the dance floor and say goodbye.

Performance By The Couple

If you are 1 of those couples with a special talent — or who just love the attention of everyone — is there a better way to end your wedding than with a special show? We do not think so! Grab the microphone & sing your heart out to your favourite song or perform a special dance your guests will chat about for many years to come. This is guaranteed to be a show-stopping moment of the wedding and the special way to end the party on a big note. If possible, keep it a big surprise and give a quick toast before you start so you can say thank you to all of your family and friends. And make sure your videography guy is there to capture your special moment and the fun, excitement and thrill in your family and friends reactions!

Late Night Delivered Snacks

With all that drinking and dancing, your family and friends are bound to have the munchies by the end of the evening — even after a full dinner! So curb the late-night munchies with a special food delivery before the wedding ends. Think pizza delivery, spring rolls/sausage rolls and or coffee, or a station with mini hamburgers. You could even hire your favourite food van to park at the venue to provide guests with more food options! This is 1 of those very special treats that will make your wedding above & beyond, and something your guests will love — especially if they’re planning to keep the party after the wedding. To limit how much food leftover at the end of the wedding, provide small takeaway boxes so family and friends can take either enjoy the snacks at the venue or on the drive home. Don’t forget to let the weddings DJs Melbourne know so an announcement can be made letting guests know when it arrives and where to go.

Have a Show-Stopping Performance

We’ve all seen those YouTube videos of couples breaking it down while doing their first dance—so why not flip that thought on its head and have a show-stopping performance at the end of the night? Wow, your guests with your rendition of Macarena karaoke or surprise them with a well practised dance to your favourite songs. Whatever your special talents are, this is your opportunity to make them shine and create a magical wedding exit that your family and friends will be talking about for years and years. Your weddings DJs Melbourne can help you out with awesome ideas if you are stuck on what to do.

Light Some Wish Lanterns

Is there anything that is more beautiful than seeing a heap of white lanterns light up the night sky? Incorporate the use of wish lanterns in your wedding exit so that your family and friends can send you positive wishes out into the sky as you embark on this new journey as a married couple. Not only will it be a magical moment for you and all your family and friends, but it will also look stunning in pictures and make a nice ending for the wedding video. But before you go out & buy some lanterns on E-Bay, check with your wedding venue and with your local fire station that they’re prohibited.

Have an Exciting “Celebrity” Guest Appearance

Every suburb has its own version of a celebrity—why not invite them to join the celebration? Whether it is a team mascot or a famous local musician, making arrangements to surprise your guests with an appearance at the end of the wedding is sure to keep everyone talking. Have a band play your favourite song or have a mascot do some crowd work as you leave the venue.

Make a Speech

You have spent your evening chatting to as many family and friends as you can, but a great way to finish the night is to make a speech thanking everyone for parting with you. Spend some time writing out this speech & be as creative as you want to be. Introduce some funny lines or go with something sweet and emotional. Either way, your guests will love hearing your voices before you set out on your holiday. Pre Plan with your weddings DJs Melbourne before the wedding.

After-Party At The Bar

Who says the party has to finish when the reception closes down? Many couples are deciding to extend the fun of the reception by having an after-party at their favourite pub or drinking spot so that they can get more time with their guests and pop some more alcohol. After all, how often is it to be able to have all of your favourite people on the planet in the same room? If you decide to have an after-party, be sure that you make plans for it beforehand so that the bar attendants are prepared for a big party. Reserve an area at a bar or have them put a few tables together before you get there. If you need a weddings DJs Melbourne for your after party, Matt Jefferies Entertainment can help you out after the wedding is over.

There is no reason the party has to end at your reception! A lot of modern couples think the wedding just isn’t enough time to chat to all their family and friends, which is why after-parties have become such on-trend in wedding planning. Even couples that don’t want to go to the after-party offer this as a recommendation to those party animal family and friends who won’t be ready to call it a night. On your wedding website or invitations, let all guests know where the after-party will be — your favourite bar is always a pretty good option, but you could also organise with a family member or best friend to have it at their house. This will allow family and friends who are really tired to leave, give the party animals a place to go so the clean-up of the wedding can start, and allow you and your partner some time to breathe & relax. Just remember, it’s really okay if you choose you would rather start your honeymoon early or just get some much-needed sleep!

Here Are A Few items You Need To Do When Your Wedding Ends.

Deal With Your Flowers

Flowers generally eat up 8% of your total wedding costs, so you probably don’t want to throw them away as soon as your wedding finishes. There are heaps of ways to reuse them: you can send them home with your family and friends, use them to brighten up the venue of your post-wedding brunch or save them for yourself in your own home. Make sure your event coordinator knows where to send them to so that you don’t lose track of your flowers.

Take Care Of Your Wedding Dress

Yes, you’re probably more than ready to get rid of the layers of tulle & taffeta & slip into something a bit more comfortable, but remember to pack up your dress nicely (you don’t want it to get wrecked, torn or stained). It should be neatly put inside the garment bag and should have a guest to bring it back to the hotel room you have booked or your house. You can work out a preservation plan when you’re finished celebrating.

Handle Your Rentals

The time is here to say goodbye to anything you borrowed for your big day. From chairs to neon signs to tents, everything you rented must be packed down and sent back to the right business. Do a quick read-through of your vendor contracts before your special day, so you know if they’re handling the pack down or if you have to do it by yourself.

Preserve The Top Layer Of Your Wedding Cake

If you plan on following the age-old tradition of digging into the top layer of the wedding cake on your first anniversary, you will need to know how to store it. Check out these ideas on how to freeze your wedding cake and make sure you (or one of your vendors, friends or family) can take care of adequately wrapping it up and getting it to a freezer quickly.

Your selected vendor squad put heaps of hard work, time & energy into making your special day extraordinary. They provided the flowers, the food & everything in between, so don’t forget to give credit where it is due. Pro tip: If you don’t want to use the last few moments of your wedding giving out cash? Give the job to one of your trustworthy (AKA not totally inebriated) wedding guests.

Say Thank-You To All Your Host(s)

While you’ll probably spend a good amount of time of your reception making the rounds and thanking all your family and friends for being at the wedding, there are a few people you’ll want to give some additional TLC. Who are they? Your hosts, of course. You wouldn’t leave a reception without thanking the host, and the same rule applies to your wedding. Usually, it’s your parents & new in-laws, so you should have no trouble hunting them down. And, hey, if you hosted the event without any help, give yourself a round of applause – you deserve it.

Round-Up Your Personal Belongings

You do not want to leave any important items at the venue, so do a once over before stepping into your getaway transport. Make sure your mobile phone, wallet & necessities are all in your bag (you definitely don’t want those to get lost!). You should also have a family member deal with your guest book, wedding presents, leftover food & other bits and pieces that you want to keep. Your mom, dad or bridal party members are probably more than willing to collect these for you.

Everyone’s eyes are on you as you stroll down the aisle, have your first dance, and cut the wedding cake. So why should the last few seconds of your special day be any different? Go out with a bang—or rather, some fireworks, bubbles, dry ice, or one kickass ride. The end of the wedding reception is a time to celebrate all the excitement that’s been had and that you are about to embark on the next part of your life as a married couple. Signal that pivotal moment with a planned send-off outside your reception venue or an awesome getaway car. Better yet? Consider both!

We love the unique ways present-day couples are choosing to end their weddings. After all, big exits not only look like fun, but they often make for some pretty amazing photos. If you are considering about finishing your celebration with one, we have rounded up some of the best ideas to think about—everything from ribbon wands & massive fireworks and dry ice to a bevy of balloons are all fair game. Want to ride off in fashion instead? You’ll find transport for your motorised exit—but whether you by land or by sea is totally your choice. The one thing all these exits have the same? They will ensure that the reception ends on a big note.

Once you have signed the contract, a deal’s a deal — and nothing is going to do away with your wedding reception vibe like a chagrined couple whose wallets have just been made a lot deal lighter. You have got a couple of options for dealing with the family and friends glut, depending on when you plan on make your grand exit.

If you are planning on going before the night comes to a close (which some couples still do, opting for more wedding evening privacy), make sure your attendants & key family members know the plan of attack well before the reception celebration starts. You will be relying on them to get guests going once the lights come up — whether it’s calling taxi’s, shepherding them to the buses, or simply helping family and friends grab their coats. If you’re planning on exiting at the same time as your family and friends, you’ve got a similar game plan. Enlist your bridal wedding party in making sure your guests have everything together for your magical exit, and have them ready outside to blow bubbles, wave sparklers, or simply bid you bon voyage. Lastly, if you’re a partying couple who plans on keeping the good vibes going post-wedding reception, you can be there to finish it with a bang — and help make sure all guests clear the premises and move on to the after-party. Afterwards, you will still be around to help collect everyone & make sure your guests is on the move when the venue lighting comes up.

With any of the above plans, guest shuttle buses or vans may be the secret weapon — no one is going to stick around too long if it means missing their transport. To get guests ready to go beforehand, choose an exciting final dance song and let your band or wedding DJ Yarra Valley know the exact time when you need it played (opting for twenty minutes before then you need it may be a better plan than hanging on until the last second).

By written by – Weddings DJs Melbourne – Matt Jefferies Entertainment


Weddings DJs Melbourne - How To Plan Your Final Exit
Weddings DJs Melbourne - How To Plan Your Final Exit