Yarra Valley Mirror Photo Booth - Why You Must Hire One For Your Wedding

Why You Should Have A Modern Yarra Valley Mirror Photo Booth At The Wedding! 

“It is A Party” when you step into our photo Booth! A Photo Booth will allow you to give your friends and family something to fun do other than dancing, but it will make the dancing time even better.

It will allow your friends and family to be able to party in an area, get silly, loosen up, and take photos to share on their social media accounts. Not only that but your friends and family will be able to have something tangible to take home from your Wedding. You will get the complete gallery & have a photo of everyone that came into the Yarra Valley mirror photo booth! This will add to the life of your party! One thing that people love to do & know how to do well is taking photos. During your cocktail hour or straight after dinner time at the peak of the high energy wedding, your friends and family will have something that will allow them to connect with you & remember celebrating the Wedding.

We see older friends and family, who may not dance for more than a couple of songs, actually go and put on some fun props, dance, and party in the mirror or roaming photo booth Melbourne, versus the dance floor! We have seen bridal parties come into the photo booth Melbourne and be able to take one big photo together and love every minute of it. Sometimes your friends and family might not be in one of your formal wedding party photos, but they will be in the mirror photo booth Melbourne taking a photo with you, and that makes them feel special. Your friends and family will love it! You will want to get them on the dance floor dancing all night long, so why not loosen them up with the roaming Photo Booth Yarra Valley?! The Yarra Valley mirror photo booth is the easiest way to break the ice! It’s the best way for them to loosing up & have a little fun! They will get their photos back immediately. They will laugh & smile & joke & have fun, but most importantly you will have a fun attendant there with the guests, greeting them with smiles, guiding them through the process and ensuring its a party in the mirror photo booth Melbourne.

Fun party favours! 

Weeks after your special day, photos are one of the only things they will have left from the Wedding! They will be able to put it on their fridge, save it on their phone, make it their profile photo or post it on Facebook!

Perfect Icebreaker!

Our roaming photo booth Melbourne is the highest quality and allows for guests to get professional-level photos. With amazing lighting, fun props instantly. We will upload all of the awesome photos into your very own online album on our website!

It Brings Your Family And Friends Together!

The mirror photo booth Melbourne is one of those times where you will see your friends and families come together in a fun way to take one big group picture! Want to make it really spicy? How about a personal guest book (which comes with every hire) that they can put their photos in? They can sign & write something fun and loving that you can take home at the end of the night to look at.

Quick Yarra Valley Mirror Photo Booth Tips:

If at all possible, keep your Melbourne photo booth in the same room as your dance party! Your Wedding DJ Melbourne will appreciate this, and it will allow for quick, easy transition from the dance floor to the Yarra Valley mirror photo booth & back.

If you have any themes to the Wedding, share these with your photo booth company so they can incorporate themes into the templates, guest book and props. Photo Booths Melbourne are great for all ages! Super fun for kids, if you decide to have them at the Wedding! Older friends and family will also join in the fun in the roaming photo booth Yarra Valley!

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