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Music will help you tell the story of how you met and fell in love.

Let us talk about how you can plan your best Melbourne Wedding DJ ceremony music, so your Ceremony will be just how you want it. Your Ceremony can be as short and sweet as you want, as long and romantic as you want, or as religious or non-religious as you please. My goal is to hear how you want it & to make it happen! 

You should incorporate your particular music style in your Ceremony because it is the first part of your wedding & it will set the tone for your entire day. This is when you and your fiancé come together and say I do, there will be moments where your family will be moved, your friends will cry, you may cry, and your whole life will be put into perspective, so choosing the right music to go along with that is critical. Let’s create a perfect ceremony for you! Check our wedding DJ Yarra Valley site for more information

A traditional Ceremony will need music for: 

Guests Arrival

Parents/Grandparents Processional

The Groomsmen Processional

The Bridesmaids Processional

Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer

The Brides Entrance

The Recessional (Exit) 

Your guests will arrive about 45 minutes to an hour before your Ceremony even starts, and you want to have music playing as they arrive. An acoustic instrumental, love songs, pop, R&B, jazz, or classical music may be what you decide to choose, whatever it is make sure it matches the mood you want to set. Some examples I have played in the past are: How Long Will I Love You- Ellie Goulding, Thousand Years- Christina Perri, and Giving It All (To You) – Haley & Michaels. 

I have had couples who choose the same song for the Groomsmen walk, the Bridesmaids walk, and Flower Girl/ Ring Bearer walks, and I have had others that choose a different song for each walk. It is really what you and your fiance prefer. What I want you to focus on is the tone of the song or songs you pick (Think Genres). 

I will ensure all of the music flows together perfectly through transitions and cue points.

 What will the Bride walk down the aisle to? The Bride’s entrance is the moment that everyone has been waiting for and is the most anticipated moment of the day! 

This is your moment! Think of it as if you were in a movie and what would be the soundtrack to that scene! 

Important Questions to Ask Yourself: 

1. What is your favourite genre(s)?

2. Do you have “Love Songs” that make you smile & happy? 

3. Do you prefer love songs with words or instrumentals? 

4. What is your favourite instrument? (Guitar, Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Trumpet, etc.) 

5. What mood were you thinking you like to create for your Wedding Ceremony? (Mellow, Chill, Exciting, Romantic, Classic, Traditional, Spiritual, Meaningful, etc.) 

6. Hypothetically: If you could have a professional singer of any genre perform at your Ceremony, who would it be? 

7. Would you like to incorporate live musicians with your DJ? 

For example, did you have someone that you would like to sing a song during your Ceremony, play an instrumental, or did you hire a string group to play a few songs? 

We can actually work with the live musicians to ensure you have everything covered for music & microphone projections. 

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Best Melbourne Wedding DJ - Planning Your Ceremony Music