Dandenong Ranges Wedding DJ – Joanna and Andy’s Wedding at Tatra Receptions

DJ + Dry Ice Effect – Dandenong Ranges Wedding DJ

Music is the universal language of everyone and perhaps this has strung together the most anticipated day of Andy and Joanna that extremely to the nines as it was defined by music that raveled on the chapter of their lives.

Refreshingly, the venue Tatra Receptions pluck for the novelty of the wedding with its newly renovated feature and exceptionally inviting environs depicted through its handcrafted steel doors and large windows; the on point Madison Brew spearheaded the coordination of the proceedings and the ceremony that started ‘round 3:00pm and on the side Mark Dayman strewn the wedding story through his virtuous proverbial lenses.

It was a sit down meal for the 150 guests and afterwards, the celebration commenced at the synchronized time of 6:45 pm whereby the grand entrance of Andy and Joanna was dramatically slated by Dandenong Ranges Wedding DJ Matt Jefferies.

Everything was fluid from the debut of the couple through the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams that is a staple tune at weddings. The anthem of the cake cutting ceremony was “Sugar” by Maroon Five and the sweet look on the faces of the couple was blissfully evident. Down to the first dance where the couple seems floating in clouds via the Dry Ice Effect everyone danced and hum along the vivacious tune of Callum Scot’s “You are the Reason.”

The night ended on a high note with Toploader’s “Dancing on Moonlight” like everyone’s a 90’s to early 2000’s something wild child on the dance floor.

The couple rolled out of the venue happily dancing their way to the said tune and to dream weaved Dry Ice Effect; ribbons and glint of lights by Sparklers held by their guests who formed an archway to punctuate their exit. All are flabbergasted marching, dancing, swirling and finally greeted the couple music filled resounding adieu.

Photo by Mark Dayman Photography