DJ Services Yarra Valley – Dry Ice and Fireworks – Krystel and Matthew’s Wedding

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October and November are the months so preferred in ringing wedding bells here in Victoria, Australia. But of course, there is no sweeter than November with the red letter day event of Krystel and Matthew’s Wedding Day!

It is literally the best of both worlds event. There are Filipino guests and local fellows as well proving that love has no bounds or barriers when it comes to culture, language or tradition. Love is the unifying element and catalyst no holds bar brings everyone together. Gary and Stonnie’s Ballroom at Mount Evelyn was rocking in gleeful greetings and festive galore as everyone anticipates Krystel and Matthew’s entrance.

There are no star crossed lovers only a happy couple in Krystel and Matthew as they enter the wedding venue and hear the cheers of family and friends alike.

Magical First Dance

A pleasant surprise too, the blushing bride is also quite a singing siren that while she and the groom are waltzing to the tune of a Filipino Classic “When I Met You’ by Juris she was singing within earshot. Definitely, any groom serenaded by their brides would be puppy eyed in mesmerized amazement! And the crowd got hypnotized too by this marvelous rendition. If they could reach or grab one partner to wrap their arms around they would too. The Dry Ice Effect also made the couple’s First Dance magical and spectacular.

Romantic as it may seems the duration of the program until the grandiose exit. Everyone was delighted to their very core and indeed there was no bland or lull moments.  When the exit was heralded for the couple, the Sparkular Fireworks were positioned outside and everyone were given hand held sparklers to bid farewell to the couple and signal their steps towards being legally man and wife.

The couple then ducked in the Ford Mustang by Mustangs in Black to be then driven to their first night at Tanglewood Cottage at Wonga Park. There, at last they cap and share the lovely night together.