Choosing a Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Written by John Beck Marriage Celebrant Melbourne –

I know this can be a tough decision because most couples have told me choosing a Marriage Celebrant Melbourne was one of the hardest decision to make, as no two Celebrants will be the same, not just in personality. They all offer different levels Professionalism, Personalization, Service, Experience, Talent and Skill. So how do you know who is best for you? To help a little I’ve been asking all my clients after their wedding a question and this is what they had to say!

If you had the opportunity to tell someone what to look for in a Celebrant what would that be?

Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

  • Professional support while seeming invisible allowing focus on you.
  • Rapport makes you feel comfortable, at ease.
  • Easy to talk to, organised, confident and fun
  • Professional, flexible and awesome listening skills
  • Look for a celebrant who only does 1 wedding a day – makes the day run so much better and the celebrant doesn’t dictate when to you what time is best, so they can fit in another wedding.
  • Pick someone you can connect with and that makes you feel at ease
  • Someone who will also make your day flow as good as possible
  • Match the tone of your wedding with the personality of your celebrant.
  • Someone who understands the type of environment you want to create
  • Look for a person who is an extension of you.
  • Someone like John super organized. just knew everything about everything!
  • Someone who can command a crowd without taking the attention away…no easy feat!

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John Beck has experience of being an MC at over 500 weddings. Overall, this experience has given him the confidence and skills in being the perfect Marriage Celebrant Melbourne.

His method is about helping you find the style of ceremony you want. John asks questions too and gives you unique options to find out your likes and dislikes.

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