Wedding Hire Melbourne 1995 Most Requested Songs

The year 1995 was a big year for R&B music worldwide, and I see a lot of hit singles from this year being requested at weddings around Melbourne. R&B a.k.a. Rhythm and Blues is a kind of pop music with a soulful vocal style, and more popular at Asian weddings.

Wedding DJ Melbourne Michael Jackson Top 10 Requested Songs

Michael Jackson is one of the all-time greatest singers and performers of our time. He has 69 singles throughout his music journey with some of the biggest hit songs getting played at a wedding all over Australia all the time. The most requested songs I noticed on our request list form from couples are “Billie Jean”, “Don’t stop til you get enough”, “Thriller” as well as “The way you make me feel” 

DJ MC Melbourne – Wedding Package With Neon Signs Hire

DJ MC Melbourne – Wedding Package With Neon Signs Hire Emceeing is no joke and no blissful endeavor. Imagine if you are the timid type and you were given such a daunting task? Chances are you shall have a huge chunk of your time rehearsing in front of the mirror...