DJ In Yarra Valley - When Do I Hire One?

When To Hire a Wedding DJ in Yarra Valley

When Should You Hire Your Wedding DJ?

Planning a wedding reception can be rough in a lot of ways. It may lead to frustration & disappointment. But no one would like sad or depressing memories of their wedding reception. This is why I want to chat about when to hire a Wedding DJ in Yarra Valley. It is the only way to make sure you will have a fantastic host at your Wedding Reception who will keep your friends and family entertained all night long. 

You will notice I called your Wedding DJ Melbourne a host. It is very important to understand the real duties of a Wedding DJ & mc, so you get why it is important to put them at the top of the Wedding Planning list. If you are unsure about how to go about planning your wedding reception, you can reach out to us at Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

What Is The Role Of A Professional Wedding DJ?

Let’s begin with what a Wedding DJ will do at your wedding reception. This may help you understand when to hire a Wedding DJ in Yarra Valley. Like I mentioned earlier, your professional DJ is the reception host. This professional DJ is responsible for making sure the flow of the wedding goes according to the run sheet while communicating with the friends and family so they know what is happening & keeping everybody (including you) entertained. Sounds very much like a host to me. 

I have said it before, and I will keep saying it because it just makes a lot of sense. Imagine your wedding reception is a clock. The clock will stop telling time if the gears inside the watch stop turning. That is sad and disappointing. However, if the main gear keeps on going in the perfect time, your digital watch will never fail you. That is the DJ. They are the main gear all other suppliers revolve around. They keep everybody on time for you. They create the magic the photographer captures. Without an amazing Wedding DJ Yarra Valley, well…….I just shudder. 

The Importance Of Budgeting For An Amazing Wedding DJ

The next thing we should to chat about when to hire a Wedding DJ Dandenong Ranges is budgeting. This is one of the biggest areas couples forget to plan for. Why is a budget so important? Because the earlier you decide to set a realistic budget, the higher the budget will be & the better the wedding DJ you can afford to hire. What if your first pick for a Wedding DJ is way too much outside of the budget because you waited too long to hire them? I always tell my couples to use simple math here. If you hire a wedding DJ Yarra Valley 15 months out and the DJ is $1500, that is only $100 a month to put aside. But, if you were to wait until six months before the wedding, you now have to come up with $250 out of the monthly budget. 


When Is The Correct Time To Hire A Wedding DJ?

Now we get to the million-dollar question. When to hire the Wedding DJ Melbourne? The answer, a couple of weeks after you have booked the venue with a wedding date. My answer to most couples: 11-15 months before your big celebration. I strongly suggest this order of hiring suppliers: 

  1. Venue and Catering
  2. Photographer
  3. DJ & MC

These three suppliers should be the top priority and have the biggest chunk of your Wedding Budget if you are doing it correctly. These three suppliers are responsible for 75% of the success of the wedding reception. (Personally, a Wedding Planner & a happy couple that loves to dance are the remaining success factors in view.) 

While your wedding venue sets the atmosphere, the catering keeps everyone full and smiling. While the DJ plays, hosts and entertains everybody by making magic and your wedding photographer will capture that story and preserve it forever. Click here to view the Matt Jefferies Entertainment website and find out more about what we can do to help make your wedding day the best it can be. Like our blog? read more here

DJ In Yarra Valley - When Do I Hire One?