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Everyone has that ingrained predilection and varying degrees of artistic inclination that is expressed in performance art, rhythmic movements, ear for music and some in the visual arts. In the visual arts per – se is photography delectation that earned millions of bucks for smart phone developers has to instill fail safe camera or even a good number of cameras built in to their product to quench the discriminating palate of consumers. Needless to say, photography is not just a fad but a syntax of record of stringed milestones.

Yes, pictures are commodities worth the risk of emptying the remainder of phone memory. Yet one of the most relevant and up to the minute is production of photo magnets and a roving photography service.

Why photo magnets are good keepsakes?

We know for sure that at times the adage “lightning does not strike twice” has truism labeled in it and when an event passes us by the memories could be just that; if we don’t have a tool to store them. And so photo magnets are preferred keepsakes for the longevity of our memories because there are some life events that are irreplaceable. And this need not let you x-ray vision for worm holes that would take you back in time.

Storage is not a dilemma. Post them on the fridge door and while you chug that organic smoothie crawl back to the dance floor. Goes two ways – no dusty albums that takes eons to wipe clean and you have a handy fridge magnet for your reminders. It happens that you want to flank over that phone when the battery is dead right? And it frustrates you that you can’t take photos?

Luckily you no longer have to wallow in disgust and dismay because today events usually have a hired reliable Professional Roving Photographer.


Magnet Photography

Why do you need a Professional Roving Photographer?

Say you want to announce to everyone that Celebrity Wedding you attended? Make an Amici or Mon Ami out of that Roving Photographer and he will shoot all your photographs. Know that you are in good hands because a Roving Photographer takes natural looking shots that are likewise glam packed.

The Roving Photographer provide you just done pictures that you could literally say “ The Avengers End Game themed wedding together with Chris Evans! But only his look alike!” or in the precedent of date night with friends blubber to them “feast your eyes on this.”

Magnet Photography – Matt Jefferies Entertainment Photography Service

Economical, budget friendly look for an event outfit that has a photography package that combines both – an in house roving photographer that prints photos and transforms them to photo magnet.

At Matt Jefferies Entertainment, we provide Event Photo Magnets for your reception. Our service includes a roaming photographer who will takes photo of your guests minus the photo booth queue. At the end of the night, we will post them in our magnetic board for your guests to take home.

Need a unique and grand wedding entertainment for your special day? Contact us here and avail our packages.

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