Melbourne Wedding DJ Hire – 11 Questions To Ask Your DJ Before Hiring Them

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  1. How many gigs a year does your DJ do?

    Your DJ should be doing 30 plus weddings a year. You want to know the DJ is experienced and can MC well. He should know how to play the right music and make sure the event runs smoothly.

  2. Does the DJ have reviews?

    A good DJ will have reviews. Check out the Google Places listing by typing into Google the name of the business you are thinking of hiring. On the right side, you will see the business name with a map and reviews underneath. Make sure you check out Facebook reviews too and also post in forums asking if anyone has worked with them or hired them before to do a wedding.

  3. Does the DJ have insurance? 

    Every DJ should have insurance. It is a must. Some venues require it in order for the DJ to be allowed to play music in their venue.

  4. Is a deposit required? 

    A deposit is the professionally accepted method of securing your date and DJ. Any DJ business that has been in business long enough will ask. Deposits are non-refundable unless in extreme cases or by fault of the DJ. Simply deciding not to use the DJ does not count.

  5. Does your DJ play overtime?

    It is fair for a DJ to ask for over time pay if the amount of over time is significant. You’d be upset if you and your guests were having a blast at your wedding reception and found at the last minute that the DJ can’t or won’t stay for an extra hour. Find out ahead of time if the DJ is willing to do over time.

  6. What extras can your DJ provide? 

    Some DJs provide extras you may or may not know about. Examples are photo booths and fireworks. Others are included like lighting, mood lighting, client meetings and cordless microphone for speeches.

  7. Will your DJ be the MC as well or do they charge? 

    I believe every wedding DJ should offer MC service. I also believe it should be included with the DJ service. While myself and many others include it for free, many charge for it or simply do not do it. Be sure to check to avoid disappointment.

  8. Does your DJ interact with the crowd during dancing time? 

    I believe every DJ should because it makes everyone have more fun at your wedding.  Moreover, it’s exciting to do something different that you don’t often see at weddings. Besides who doesn’t love a big conga line or being able to sing out loud your favourite song. A little something I offer and I like to surprise people by bringing along my chest full of wooden maracas and handing them out to everyone on the dance floor.

  9. Do the DJ have online planning tools? 

    A professional DJ business will have helpful blogs on their website full of suggestions and ideas for your wedding. When planning a wedding, it is nice to be able to do it all from the comfort of your home and that’s why Matt Jefferies Entertainment has a DJ event planner which you can select all your music online, give us your run sheet, put in all the business that we will be working with and it lists all the important parts of a wedding reception so you can choose a Song for each part you are including in your wedding.

  10. Do you get to choose the styles of music you want and requests songs for the DJ to play?

    The answer is yes. We have a huge collection of music from you to choose from and we cover a wide range of music from the 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s and top 40 to country, R & B, house, alternative, rock and more. It is your wedding and if the DJ does not have a song you want played them most DJ’s will find the song and bring it along with them on the day. Also every DJ should take requests on the day of the reception unless instructed by the couple not to.

  11. Does your DJ take breaks?

    Does your DJ smoke? Will he or she be forever popping outside for a cigarette? Is he or she a drinker, will they be hanging around the bar? Common sense should prevail, for a five hour, a DJ will not take any breaks other than eating a quick meal if provided and your service should be uninterrupted. For a seven hour wedding, the DJ may require a 30 minute break or add a second DJ to help out on the night. Lastly, ask your potential Melbourne Wedding DJ Hire why you should choose them for your wedding reception.


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