Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Christmas Entertainment

Give the gift of fun this Christmas by hiring our photo entertainment for your next corporate event or party.

We have had the pleasure of doing many Christmas parties with our mirror photo booth Melbourne Christmas entertainment over the years for corporate clients such as Telstra, Hoyts, Mercedes-Benz Brighton, Tabcorp, Beretta Australia, Bosch, the Melbourne Cricket Club, Spotless and many others.

Our mirror photo booth is always a hit with guests flocking to the booth to get their picture taken, and we often have a long line of people waiting to have a turn. The Mirror Photo Booth comes with a selection of Christmas theme props from Santa stop here sings, Santa hats, Christmas signs and Christmas sunglasses.

We also load our mirror photo booth with Christmas “Touch To Start” screens and Christmas animations. We can custom make your photo layout to suit your theme even if it is not Christmas and we always have an attendant to man the photo booth showing guests how to use it and encourage guests to do funny photos and have fun with it.By giving the gift of fun this Christmas, your guests will have 5 hours of entertainment and enough photos to take home as a memory of the event.

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Christmas Entertainment
Other Photo Entertainment Options

We also have a few other photo entertainment options to choose from like our PHOTO MOSAIC WALL Melbourne which we get a picture or logo of your choice and setup up a giant grid on our photo mosaic stand setup. Our roaming photographer goes around and takes photos, and they print out in squares with a little code. Peel the sticker off and match the number on the board and after 625 images are on the board, it creates one giant picture of your chosen photo made up of all little pictures taken on the day.

We also do EVENT PHOTO MAGNETS Melbourne which involves our roaming photographer taking photos and printing them off as magnets for guests to take home and stick on their wall or fridge or even take to work and show them off in their office space. Our neon magnet board is the collection point for the magnets.

We also have another cool PYLON PHOTO BOOTH Melbourne which takes photos on a stand but also can come off the frame and roam around the room with our photo booth operator. Great for sit down meal functions in smaller venues.

If you want to know more about our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Christmas Entertainment and Features, please visit our website Mirror photo booth Melbourne You can also contact us Christmas photo booth Melbourne for enquiries. 

Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Christmas Entertainment