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Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne – Top 30 Event Theme Ideas

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We at Matt Jefferies Entertainment have worked with companies for the past years that have different event themes and ideas that we want to share if you are planning your own event. In addition, the best feature of these gatherings is the Mirror Booth, as it creates memories and brings fun and excitement to the party. The mirror photo booth Melbourne hire is the best booth you will see.

Below is a list of ideas to help you style your next corporate event, wedding, party, in-store promotion, fundraising event or just about any occasion. Themed events are a perfect way to create a buzz before the event, with guests planning what to wear that could make them stand out. It also makes the experience more fun and exciting with the creative styling and the extra photo opportunities around the venue.

1. Masquerade

Masquerade-themed events can be lots of fun and can create some mystery as to who is behind the mask. Most guests wear fancy masks, but others have their face paint instead. If you are looking at styling for this themed event, then the props or furniture you need are chandeliers, candelabras, drapes, lanterns, feathers, string curtains and dynamic lighting that tells guests it’s time to dance and party.

With costumes, your guests could even order online or go to a party store to choose the right dress or outfit for the party. A great addition to a Masquerade-themed event is our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne with a Gold frame and red carpet setup. Our team will set up the photo booth to fit into your styling, creating extra entertainment for the night ahead.

2. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Transport your guests into a world of pure imagination with endless styling ideas from a long table full of goodies shaped like things from the movie to giant mushrooms around the room and Wonka’s vision behind the DJ or band. A favourite when creating this theme is to give out a handmade Wonka chocolate bard with golden tickets inside one with a prize to be claimed. I have also seen golden ticket invitations given out to all guests.

3. A Day At The Zoo

Have your guests dress in animal costumes and have zoo photo opportunities around the venue. Let people take their own photos with guests, but also be sure to hire a photo booth for added extra fun. Animal cardboard cutouts are popular here, fake trees and park benches for people to sit on, and if it is in the budget, hire a lighting specialist to enhance the overall look of the event.

4. Star Wars

Being a huge Star Wars fan and seeing every movie ever made, I love it when clients transform the venue into this theme. People dress as Jedi, Master Yoda, Chewbacca, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and various other characters from the hit movies. I even witnessed a couple’s First Dance at a Star Wars wedding-themed where they had a lightsaber battle instead.

Star Wars-themed events are usually held on the 4th of May. When picking the styling, draw inspiration from any of the movies. On planning this themed event, our advice is “May the force be with you.”

5. Day Of The Dead

The Day of the Dead theme was inspired by the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos, which takes place the Day after Halloween. Guests come dressed in costumes and face painting that resemble skulls and, mimicking the Calavera Catrina. The Mexicans call this Calaveras makeup, and it is easy to do it yourself. Props and decorations that are used to decorate the venue include Day of the Dead pumpkins, skulls, wooden boxes, pinatas and, of course, a Day of the Dead cake.

Food for this type of event is usually Mexican food, which consists of all your favourites, including nachos, tacos and burritos. You can hire a catering company that specialises in Mexican foods, a food truck or an in-house venue chef.

In addition, our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Black frame style is perfect for this theme. 

6. Copacabana Beach Party

The Copacabana is a distinct Brazilian beach & a popular tourist destination. If you want to have a beach party that resembles a Copacabana-like theme, make sure that you have the perfect props and event stylist to transform the event to a Brazilian-like beach party. 

The best venue would be a marquee near the beach, and hiring some professional fire performers, Brazilian percussionists, and glorious showgirls will make for an exciting night out. Furthermore, serve excellent cold Copacabana beach drinks all night long for your guests as well!

7. Black & White

The theme for black and white events seems to be a simple yet popular event idea. Everyone comes dressed in either black or white or a combination of both. When styling for a black-and-white event, you can use any kind of props and decorations and be creative. Sometimes, organisers will match the theme with a touch of gold, red or another colour to give it a WOW factor. I have also seen corporate event organisers use colours from the corporate logo to tie in with the theme of the night.

8. Australia Day

If you are considering having an Australian day-themed event, then consider having a good old-fashioned BBQ as the dinner for this event. Consider using props like the Australian flag, cardboard standees of kangaroos and having guests dress up as their favourite Australian icons or something from the Aussie outback.

9. A Night At The Movies

This theme is fun, and you can go two ways with this one. You can have people dressed up as their favourite celebrities, or you could encourage guests to come in comfy clothes. Styling for this type of event is table centrepieces, either movie reels or Oscar / Grammy awards. Red carpet and gold bollards on entry, and if you have willing people, then create a paparazzi with 4 or 5 people using their phones with flash on to create the whole awards feel on arrival.

An excellent way to enter is by having a giant popcorn, and while you are at it, hire a popcorn machine for the night. Cardboard cutouts of celebrities make for good photo opportunities, and if you have a guest who is good at emceeing, then why not get them to host the night?

Want more photo memories of this night? Hire our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne for amazing photo opportunities with your peers! 

10. Circus

A circus theme is a family-friendly theme that works well for all ages. This theme goes well with a good DJ and our mirror photo booth. The colours that are most common at a circus-themed event are red, white and yellow, but in general, bright colours work well too. Some of the themed props used to style an event with this theme are festoon lighting, circus-designed centrepieces, Amusement rides, carnival games, lighting and especially spotlights.

Additionally, every circus-themed event should have an excellent MC for the night dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a black top hat. You can take this theme a little further by hiring a clown, magician, juggler or any form of circus entertainers you desire.

11. Alice In Wonderland

A popular favourite and with the different quirky parts of this book and movies, there are plenty of ideas to draw from. You could opt to focus on the Queen of Hearts & her croquet for an outdoor event, go down the rabbit hole & have upside-down furniture and string everyday items from the ceiling. Also, recreate the garden scene with giant flower props & indoor foliage.

12. Around The World

Combine for this event different cultures from around the world as well as foods from around the world. One idea you can do it is to transform different parts of the venue into a little mini-world from around the world, making it a journey from one end of the venue to the other.

13. Candy Land

Satisfy your sweet tooth at your next event by throwing a candy land-themed get-together. This theme is a chance for your guests to get creative, have a little fun with their costumes and wear bright colours. Styling this theme can be heaps of fun. Decorate the venue with a candy arch, giant colourful gingerbread men, giant lollypops and lollypop twists, big jelly lollies, Human-sized gummy bears, Giant milkshake cardboard cutouts, a candy land walkway, big cupcake standee’s, chocolate fountains with candies and the list goes on. This theme will be a hit with all ages and best of all, you will have a blast creating this fun event.

14. Retro Arcade

Who doesn’t love the good old retro games? Have an old Nintendo console hooked up to a giant screen with games running all night and competitions with prizes. Use oversized cardboard cutouts to create retro gaming scenery and hire old arcade machines for guests to play throughout the night. Be sure to hire a DJ and have the DJ play some classic retro gaming theme songs or 8-bit tunes from old-school games.

Here is an example we found of a Super Mario / Pac-Man-themed retro old-school party.


15. Superheroes Theme

Superheroes Theme is a popular themed event where guests dress as their favourite superhero from any movie or comic book. Part of the fun about having this event is people will be guessing what others might wear. To make this event a little more unique, use themed cardboard standees and place it around the room, and if you can, you could also hang up superhero movie posters. 

16. Winter Wonderland

It is very popular in the winter months of the year. Use light blue uplights to create a winter effect. Use icicle lighting hanging from the roof and use blue light-up giant snowflakes and blue trees as centrepieces. Have a black carpet and silver bollards at the front entrance for when guests arrive.

17. Cops and Robbers

The Cops and Robbers theme will take your guests back to the old days when they were kids and played this game with their friends. Basically, guests come dressed as either a cop or a robber. Props used around the venue include jail bars, sacks of gold or coins, a police car prop, bank scenes or backdrops, ball and chain, and “Wanted” posters on walls.

18. ’80s Retro

Most ’80s-themed events are usually associated with the hit movie Footloose. Why not turn your outdoor event into a rustic-style themed event? Hay bales are a must. The other option is to recreate the final scene from the movie using bright colours and neon signs. Festoon lighting is also a must. Take a look at the video below of the final scene from Footloose, the movie.

19. James Bond / Casino Royale

This event is not complete without the signature drink that James Bond drinks in every movie. The Martini, shaken, not stirred. This event can be lots of fun. Buy or hire a roulette table or some casino-style games using fake money to win the grand prize. This is definitely super exciting for all guests involved. Also, a great idea is to have a 007 backdrop for photo opportunities.

20. Great Gatsby

This is a popular theme idea that suits corporate events, school formal / balls, weddings and black tie events because of the lavish décor choices and the flowing gowns. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold & black colour choices without spending too much on big props.

21. Diamonds Are Forever

With this theme, guests are encouraged to shine bright like a diamond and come dressed in anything shiny or silver, or if you are really creative, a costume made of little mirrors will suit this event. At events like this, we see disco balls, mirrors, shiny bling, silver and black colours. Remember that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so maybe some fake diamonds scattered on tables or giant cardboard cutouts of diamonds will give this theme a little extra sparkle.

22. Christmas

A traditional theme which uses props such as Christmas trees with decorations, Santa hats, Santa stop here signs, giant presents and big candy canes. Many Christmas parties or events use lighting such as fairy lights or icicle lights to enhance the overall mood. Some of our clients have had a Santa sleigh in the background of our Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne and had someone dressed up as Santa Claus to jump in photos with guests.

There are several popular Christmas games to play at themed events, but the most popular seems to be the Kris Kringle, which has many different versions where people buy gifts for another person. These make guests interact more and participate in gift-giving, and have fun as well. 

23. Chocolate Haven

This is a great theme if you like to bake or make yummy foods. All things chocolate here, including shaped chocolates, chocolate brownies, chocolate muffins, chocolate puddings, chocolate milkshakes and drinks, chocolate fondue and much more. A great way to create fun with food is to have a giant chocolate fountain with different fruits such as bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi fruit and also to include your favourite lollies like banana lollies, marshmallows and more.

24. Cluedo / Murder Mystery

This theme can be as simple as creating a scavenger hunt as guests come dressed as characters from the classic board game Cluedo. This particular scavenger hunt will have guests looking for clues to work out which weapon was used to murder which person and in which room. With no board, no dice and no expensive props, this can be a cost-effective way to have a themed event. Of course, a good prize for the winner or winners is encouraged. With endless ways to create this life-sized game, you will be sure to have tons of fun along the way.

25. Bollywood

A Bollywood-themed event that is done right can be a massive hit amongst guests. Generally, there is draping, which makes the ceiling look lower than it is, chairs and couches with brightly coloured pillows and lots of flowers placed around the venue. People come dressed in luxurious fabrics with colour combinations such as pinks, blues, golds and purples.

26. Glow In The Dark

A glow-in-the-dark event is easy to organise and heaps of fun. This theme is very popular with teenagers. Have black lighting around the room to make things glow. Arrive with glow-in-the-dark face paint, or go a step further and hire someone to facepaint your guests. Hand out glow sticks and encourage break dancing competitions.

27. Escape Room

If you want to get all your guests involved in team-building exercises, then this is the themed event for you. Guest engages in solving quizzes to escape from the room. To impress your guests further, make up a section of the room as the official escape room with boxes to unlock as guests answer the quiz or puzzles that form a map of where something is hidden. This is one where you can get really creative and have a lot of fun in the process.

28. Food Truck Round-Up

Hire food trucks with different styles of food so that guests can try many different things, from Mexican food, pizzas, and hot potatoes to Ice cream carts and Dutch pancakes. Have the outside of the venue with the food truck round-up theme, then pick another design to style the inside.

29. Cowboys and Indians

The Cowboys and Indians theme is a great children’s party theme but is equally as fun for adults. For styling and costume ideas, think teepee tents, hay bales, feathers, sheriff costumes, cookies made in the shape of sheriff badges, fake horse props, cowboy hats, a Wanted photo with a picture of one of the guests with a reward, an archery target and whatever else you can imagine that has Cowboys theme. 

30. Looney Tunes

A great theme to remind adults of their childhood. Everybody knows the Looney Tunes and watched them as a kid, so why not get them all dressed up as their favourite cartoon character? A great photo opportunity for this event theme is to have a giant cardboard cutout of the ending credits symbol with the words “That’s all folks.” See the below video for an example.

In summary, have fun when planning your themed event, and if styling is not your thing, then there are plenty of companies that will do all the work for you.

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