Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne Inclusions - What Is Included When You hire Us For Your Event

What is included with our mirror photo booth Melbourne inclusions when you hire with us?


Say Hello to the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne inclusions. This is the most modern photo booth technology and an excellent add on to your wedding or event.

Want amazing group pictures of you and all your friends and family from our mirror photo booth Melbourne inclusions?

Our mirror photo booth Melbourne is the ideal option for your event or wedding. Studio quality pictures, fun and amazing prop selection. Our Mirror booth is full of fun photo booth features.

All weddings and events have different themed styles, and we cater for this by offering a large selection of photo booth Melbourne backdrops. Our in-house graphic maker will work with you to personalise your mirror photo booth print design. This usually includes your name (couple or business) and the date of the wedding or event.

The mirror photo booth is the perfect add on to weddings parties, kid’s parties, birthday parties, in-store promotions or corporate events.

Our number one goal is to capture awesome and fun memories and for everybody to enjoy our photo booth Melbourne experience.

Our magical mirror photo booth hire will include:

We will arrive at the venue 2 hours before to set up the mirror photo booth. When we are ready to start letting guests use the mirror booth, we will let you know to make sure you are happy with the setup of the mirror photo booth; then, it is time to take your picture and let the good times begin!

Personalised photo layout designs

Our mirror photo booth hire will include a fully personalised photo layout design. This design usually includes your name, date and the theme of the wedding or event. Typically we offer 4×6″ photos in either three photos or one photo option.

Instant photo prints and SMS directly to your phone

These photos are then sent to your phone via SMS, ready for upload to social media and then instantly printed after your mirror photo booth yarra valley session and all photos uploaded to a secure online photo gallery after the wedding or event has finished.

Unlike other photo booth hire businesses, this service is fully included in all our mirror photo booth Melbourne packages and yet another reason why you should hire a mirror photo booth from Matt Jefferies Entertainment.


Photo album – mirror photo booth Melbourne inclusions

We provide a photo booth album as a keepsake for people who have booked our photo booth to take home & enjoy.

Every mirror photo printout goes into the guest album. Your friends & family can write a personal message next to their special photo. You will receive the guest album at the end of the wedding or event.

Awesome fun props

Awesome fun props is a must with every photo booth hire. Everybody loves to wear theme glasses, use fun and crazy signs and take a crazy pictures and we design and make our own photo booth props.

Delivery, setup, running and removal.

It will roughly take us 45 to 60 minutes to complete the mirror photo booth setup. We will take a few test pictures to ensure the lighting and the DSLR camera is perfect, in focus and ready and then open the photo booth at the agreed starting time.

We typically run the mirror photo booth for 4-5 hours which is based on the hire package you choose. We have an attendant at our Mirror booth during the event hire. We will help guests to use the selfie photo booth and resolving any problems you or the equipment might have. During the time of hire, we will stick a copy of each printed picture into the photo book and encourage your friends and family to write a message.

You will receive the album before you leave the wedding or event with all your pictures and personal messages inside the album. We will also upload and send you a link to all the pictures taken on the day of the event, Monday, during business hours. You can share your online gallery with all your friends and family.

Unlimited Printouts – mirror photo booth Melbourne inclusions

Pictures, Pictures and more pictures! Every time you make a trip to the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne we will automatically give you two printouts per session. We will never run out of paper and ink because our operators are trained experts on how to change the paper and ink quickly to ensure all your friends and family will get to use our photo booth Melbourne during the hire hours.

At a typical wedding or event, we print between 100 to 200 photos per five hours hire time. You will also get copies of all these pictures in the guest album. We use the best and most up to date in photo booth print technology and use printers that print high-quality photos.

It is important that the printouts you get are of the highest quality as these are the memories of your special event!

Studio Quality Pictures

Not only do we believe the Melbourne photo booths should be exciting, but the quality of the image will need to have that high-quality look once printed. What set us apart from other photo booth businesses because of the quality of equipment we have at your wedding or event.

The current design of the Mirror Photo Booth uses the most up to date DSLR camera. This will create a perfectly balanced picture printout.

Online Picture Gallery – mirror photo booth Melbourne inclusions

At the end of your wedding or event, we will upload all your pictures to our secure password protected online gallery. You can share this picture gallery with all your family and friends and anybody who could not make your wedding or event. You can download all the images in high-resolution from this online picture gallery directly onto your phone or computer.

We will keep this mirror photo booth gallery online for at least two years at no charge to you. This gallery is completely your choice, and we will not upload any pictures unless we have your permission; and we can remove any pictures instantly if you request to do so.

Kickass Photo Booth Operators

Our awesome photo booth operators are the key to having an amazing time. All our staff have lot’s of training and most importantly great with guests. Our highly motivated staff with the correct training is key to having a blast when you hire our mirror photo booth.

Our photo booth operators will arrive an hour before the start time of the event or wedding to unload and set up and will operate the photo booth during the time the booth is hired to and from. Helping and making sure the quality of the pictures and entertaining your friends and family is all in a night’s work for one of our professional operators.



We have an awesome selection of backdrops to pick from to suit any style of wedding or event. From rustic wood to colourful smoke and geometric gold, we have it the lot!

Take a look at all our backdrops.

Trust Matt Jefferies Entertainment with your wedding or event.

Your wedding or event is the most special event and might be a once in a lifetime celebration. We at Matt Jefferies Entertainment understand this, which is why you should trust us with all your photo booth hire Melbourne needs.

We will make sure we go the extra mile to ensure and help you create and organise your perfect wedding photo booth Melbourne experience. Help you pick the backdrop you like and personalised photo booth Melbourne photo layout design. We will interact with your family and friends and ensure everybody has an awesome photo booth Melbourne experience.

We treat every wedding or event as a once in special life celebration and we have the tools, staff and know-how to capture your fun and magical photo moments.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror photo booth Melbourne is the next-gen photo booths, which are smart enough to give you the very latest in computer technology a run for its money. They will come with a huge range of high-tech options in the form of features and games. 

All the awesome features give your guests not only the provisions of sharing pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more instantly but also allow you to do some pretty cool things. Thus, these high-tech mirror photo booths in the Yarra Valley, Melbourne and surrounds are blue-eyed choices of people of different age groups.

Indeed, when couples, businesses and event organisers come to us at Matt Jefferies Entertainment, our mirror photo booth Melbourne is always the first & foremost choice they hire. 

However, not every photo booth business that offers the mirror booth hires out these photo booths in Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula and around Melbourne is as qualitatively superior as Matt Jefferies Entertainment is. Hence, you really must be careful when you pick a business to hire them from. This is the reason you will want to ask them a couple of questions before you take a step to hire them for your wedding or event. 

Are you insured and licenced?

The mirror booth is a high-tech picture booth that is designed and developed to be really easy to operate and are very hardy, provided you do not run them over with a bulldozer. Still, there is always a gap between the cup and the lips. Thus, you will need to make sure that the company you rent the mirror photo booth in Melbourne from is insured and licensed. Also, you may want to ask what the insurance coverage includes. Will it cover only the supplier’s interest, or will it cover

your event as a customer too. 

How well maintained is the mirror photo booth is?

Our Yarra Valley photo booth is designed to be very user friendly, still will you need to ask the question to the business that you are considering using for your wedding or event in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Mornington Peninsula or surrounding areas to ensure that it is easy to use so much that all your family and friends of all ages find it easy to use. Besides, you will need to ensure that the mirror booth is well looked after so that it will not malfunction and have problems midway through the wedding or event. 

Will an attendant accompany the mirror booth at the wedding or event?

This is one of the most important question you will need to ask if you are to hire our mirror photo booth. Since these machines are high-tech, it will always be an excellent idea to have a trained attendant at the wedding or event. The attendant will be trained to help your friends and family in clicking & customising the pictures. Also, the professional attendant will know how to take care of any errors and fix it too quickly to have it back up and running in no time. We also have our team of software techs that from a remote location can log into our mirror booth and fix any software problems that happen on the day of the wedding or event. 

What will the hire cost be?

Finally, you should ask for a hire price. No business hiring out wedding photo booth Melbourne would have a high cost against their hire service. You pay for what you get, so be careful of cheap companies also trying to cut cost and offer the lowest price. Still, you will want to know all the terms and conditions in detail before agreeing to proceed with the hire of the mirror photo booth. Ask if it has all costs included like SMS photo feature, guest album, props and GST. 

So this is all the questions on the list you will need to ask any photo booth business before proceeding with the hire. We would advise you to choose us for your hire and also to read our reviews and ask others who have used our services about how we did. if you are to hire a mirror photo booth in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges, Bayside, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas, please consider using Matt Jefferies Entertainment as your prefered business of choice. Please visit Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne AKA Matt Jefferies Entertainment for more information and bookings.

This mirror photo booth blog was written by Matt Jefferies Entertainment. We also do corporate photo booth Melbourne.