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Pinot Noir as elegant as this dark wine and its enticing flavor Mornington Peninsula has more to housing this delicate offering. Experiencing it for yourself is key to savoring a every inch of Mornington Peninsula. Wineries are a plenty, national nature parks, aquatic adventures, seascapes abound. Be nature’s pilgrim and have an up close and personal encounter with kangaroos. Pour out a generous helping of Vitamin sea, sky, mountain and sand.

And if you find a piece of heaven in this peninsula then go all out and make it venue for your destination wedding! Indulge your sense of sight, smell, and sound through its various wedding venues. In fact, wedding venues vary from wineries, gardens, estates, golf clubs, ocean views, some with jetties, groves among others. Definitely, they are up for rustic weddings, winter weddings even, outdoors wedding or even intimate ones.

That being said your wedding and reception should also have an astronomical entertainment and stellular feat for your guest at  Mornington Peninsula . Who else could execute a visionary performance? It is none other than the premier Mornington Peninsula DJ Matt Jefferies.

Other Entertainment Services With DJ Matt Jefferies

And he comes along with a complete ensemble…

  • Highly invested in his premium DJ gear to surpass your usual wedding sounds.
  • Replete with other equipment such as choreographed lighting effects that goes well with your playlist.
  • Master of Ceremonies services that would not lull you to sleep as we as your guests.
  • Also, superb wedding photo entertainment with the famed Mirror Photo Booth and chic wedding photo magnets for keeps.
  • Elaborately and masterfully slated Dry Ice Effect while Safe Indoor Fireworks gleam in the dance floor.
  • Last but definitely not the least, a fitting display of Neon lights that are also for hire rip through the dimly lighted dance arena will provide more to your event.

Add that verve into your Mornington Peninsula Wedding by booking our Mornington Peninsula DJ entertainment wedding services and more here at Matt Jefferies Entertainment.

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