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A picture speaks a thousand words but in a wedding, the photos will definitely speak a million words. They will recreate the memories you had and it will reflect how happy you and your spouse are on that very special day. Finding the right photographer for your celebration of union is absolutely on your list. Then let me help you with that. Find someone that is passionate in their work and who will give you what you’re looking for when it comes to capturing every moment of your wedding day. Then, Passion8 Photography is definitely on the list.

Passion8 Photography prides itself for being the warm and friendly photographer that gives outstanding services to bride and grooms. If you’re looking for a photographer that is expert in weddings and could take beautiful candid wedding photos without making you and your guests’ pose in awkward positions, then Passion8 Photography is the right team for you. They will make sure that they take excellent photographs and a picturesque view of your wedding day.

Brides in Melbourne definitely recommends Passion8 Photography because of their quality of product and service, value for money and attitude of staff thus making them 2017 Wedding Photographer Of The Year from Australian Bridal Industry.

Andrew Harrison, an established Professional Wedding Photographer in Melbourne since 2000, has a keen artistic eye. He is also passionate in his work and will be able to capture every emotion underlying on that particular day.

Highly Skilled Photographer

Because of his wide range of experiences being a highly skilled photographer in different wedding venues, he is dedicated in making each and every wedding unique in its own way.

I have worked with Passion8 Photography in several photo shoots. I’ve seen his work and his photos are truly breathtaking. That’s why I’m very confident to recommend Passion8 Photography as your wedding photographer in Melbourne.

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Passion8 Photography Passion8 Photography Passion8 Photography

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