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Melbourne CBD is no different from the choice of go to places for wedding venues. In fact, no one is a stranger to elegant restaurants that serves Michelin Star quality menu and services. There are also mushrooming events places for socializing, for casual dinners, cocktails or intimate wedding. Furthermore, there is a majestic skyline that is virtually nestled between nature’s finest. And this glorious beauty of Melbourne CBD and its promising wedding venues would be more animated if there is a Wedding DJ MC Melbourne that could shake things up.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment must have gotten the cue and the memo for it. Why? Instead of providing you with only DJ services it contemplatively thought of why not coming up with a hybrid services? A DJ that also does MC! That being said you have yourself sign up for value for money but an unbending deal. Our DJ MC service don’t just fall from trees. We are well equip and experience to the teeth to deliver to you superlative entertainment.

DJ MC Responsibilities

Since ours is a DJ the transition from party sounds to mellow music is no problem. Since he is also the emcee he would be able to follow through the given program timetable. From introducing the married couple, proposing a toast down to reminding everyone to have a good time the MC still has a long way to go. It is everything a bride wants for a systematic and organise wedding reception program that she gets from hiring a Master of Ceremony that is also a DJ. And there is no particular additional cost to that. This is not fraudulent advertising because we, at Matt Jefferies Entertainment walk our talk.

And if absolute spunk entertainment is what you are after, we also offer Mirror Photo Booth for your entertainment needs. While others partake in dancing and singing along the tunes of our DJ and MC others might find comfort with our Mirror Photo Booth props and features.

Live wire entertainment has never been so affordable and easy to acquiesce because it has been delivered from us to you.

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