How Music Makes The Wedding Reception Fun. Wedding DJ Melbourne

What makes the wedding fun? We believe in three main factors that make wedding reception music fun for you and all of your family and friends. In this blog article, we have focused on the music and how it plays an important part in creating the ultimate atmosphere for your wedding day celebration. By hiring Matt Jefferies Entertainment wedding DJ Melbourne fun you are guaranteed an awesome time.

Set The Right Vibe At The Correct Time Of The Wedding.

Over & above the dance floor songs, it is important to have a think about the songs that you would like for every part of the day/night. A good DJ will consider this & build the energy from soft/romantic during the wedding ceremony through to upbeat background vibes as your friends and family have their first drink during cocktail hour. As the evening progresses, you will want the suspense to build up as your friends, and family get tipsy and start to hit the dance, which is why a good DJ will build on all these vibes right up to when it is time to hit the dance floor (and we will leave the sing-along songs for later in the night if requested).

Music Is A Universal Language – Make Sure You Take Advantage Of It.

To create the best atmosphere at a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception through awesome music, it is important to have something for everybody. Wedding guest demographics vary so much! Preparation beforehand really helps, but ultimately the DJ needs to be able to read the room & see what your guest want to dance to (to give you an example, if you play a more mellow disco song during dinner & you see guests of different ages singing along, you will make a note of this and throw in some disco tunes during dance time later on in the evening/night). Couples can help by providing their DJ business with a variety of songs/music styles/artists as part of their music online event planner forms (rather than just an e-mail list of their personal favourite tunes). 

Sound Quality Can Not Be Underestimated.

Last on our list is the sound quality of the DJ’s equipment and this is very important. This is why high-quality equipment makes a huge difference to your wedding day music. On top of this, the space itself really does matter. Poor acoustics, an oversized space for dancing time & noise restrictions can all have a really big impact on the atmosphere that is created through a DJ’s music. Make sure you communicate with your DJ business and venue to understand these different elements & find solutions before your special wedding day celebration.

Matt Jefferies Entertainment will make your wedding day a success. Check out our YouTube for videos on how we create rocking dance floors through our wedding DJ Melbourne fun service and have guests up and dancing all night long.

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Wedding DJ Melbourne Fun - How Music Makes The Wedding Exciting